Different Aspects Of Building Maintenance Services To Consider

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Real estate prices have picked up ever since the exit of recession in 2010 and homeowners are trying innovative ways to repair and maintain their property. Due to regular usage over a period of time, the construction quality of both residential and commercial buildings gets deteriorated over a period of time. Besides, hostile weather conditions can trigger serious wear and tear of the walls and the roofs of the building. Therefore, regular maintenance is necessary for any building.

Some of the building maintenance services include pressure washing to drain out the dirt, waterproofing and also installation of certain tools in the commercial buildings to protect them from natural or man-made disasters. Generally, maintenance should be the responsibility of companies that provide professional help to the clients. However, it is extremely important to select a company carefully because most of them make tall claims only to falter later in delivering quality service.

Consider the Following Aspects Before Selecting a Suitable Building Maintenance Service


  • The quality of the services offered by maintenance contractors should be a major role in your final selection. An inexperienced novice in the trade would never be able to meet the demands and expectations of the clients.
  • A worn-out building is bound to fetch far lower returns as compared to a structure that is well maintained, loaded with firefighting equipment and which has a new look.
  • This is only possible when the organization providing you maintenance has a good track record in the past.
  • Asking previous customers for feedback or references could do a lot of good as you can then analyze the condition of the building with naked eyes.

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Formulating Requirements and Specifications:

  • Prior to the start of the maintenance procedure, the clients should assess the requirements and specifications to be placed before a suitable vendor.
  • The company should be able to fix leaking roofs and cracks in the walls or flooring in an impeccable way. This is an effective criterion to select the firm.
  • An experienced building maintenance services contractor is bound to achieve the task without any hassles as they are regularly doing big projects with varying complexities.
  • If you are an owner of a commercial building, it is important to give the contract to a company that has prior expertise in handling the issues including waste management.
  • While undertaking maintenance, a vendor should be absolutely sure of the safety compliance to the real estate laws of the state or the country.
  • Proper maintenance and repair works will go a long way in increasing the resale price of the building as well as in increasing the rent of the office space.

Experience is the Key:

Type of Contract:

  • Before hiring a building maintenance services vendor, you should decide whether to give a long-term or short-term contract.
  • The long-term maintenance agreement binds the clients and vendors for a particular time period as far as the daily maintenance of the building is concerned.
  • The short-term contract could be related to the repair work such as plumbing, plugging the leaking roof, troubleshooting the electrical faults or painting the building.

Nature of Services

The vendor is also selected based on the range of services offered to the clients. Some of them are as follows:

  • Industrial coating helps to prevent the corrosion to the external structure of the building.
  • Sand blasting must be provided by the company to ensure that old paints are eliminated are replaced by the new one.
  • Commercial building is inundated with a collection of carpets, upholsteries and draperies that are needed to be cleaned on a sustained basis. The company given the contract should be able to accomplish all these tasks to deliver maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Handyman services as well as carpentry are also necessary to carry out the repair works in a building. The requirements should be stated clearly in the service-level agreement with the clients.

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