Fascinating Attractions To Visit On Samui Island

Samui Island is a popular destination for people visiting Thailand. Its vast corals, magnificent waters, and marine life attract thousands of tourists each year. The island has some of the best resorts in the world and this has made it a leading holiday destination. There is a lot to see and do while in the island.

Wat Sila Ngu

This is a breathtaking golden temple, which the locals frequent for worship. They believe it is a Lord Buddha artifact. The temple features some amazing Buddhist illustrations, sculptures and paintings. The décor is a representation of the local’s culture and tradition. This temple is considered a great example of Buddhist architecture. It offers a serene atmosphere and a great view of the beach.

Koh Samui Tiger Zoo and Aquarium

This attraction is a must-see for families. It has a large collection of tropical marine life and animals. The tiger zoo hosts shows in the mornings. The shows feature demonstrations with sea lions, tigers, and leopards. There are several leopard and tiger species at the zoo and visitors are allowed to get close to them and take pictures. The zoo also has a bird show that showcases a variety of native and exotic birds including hornbills, hawks, eagles, and parrots.

Koh Samui Butterfly Garden

This garden is located close to a stunning hill that offers a suitable place for visitors who want to view butterflies in their natural habitat. The Koh Samui Butterfly Garden also features moths, beehives, and other insects. A hillside observatory allows visitors to take in the island’s breathtaking coastline. It has numerous bushes, foliage and plants and this offers a great ambience for pictures.

Samui Snake Farm

The Samui Snake Farm is a unique park where visitors can see a variety of snake species and learn about reptiles. Most of the snakes on the farm are poisonous. The park holds shows, which feature an experienced snake fighter. Visitors can also see scorpions and centipedes at the farm. The most popular animal shows include a cock fight and cobra fight.

Wat Jee Kong

This is a unique Chinese temple in Thailand. It is a historic landmark on Samui Island. Wat Jee Kong represents the Chinese-Thai culture in the country. The area was popular among Chinese immigrants and visitors can also view some old Chinese houses and monuments during a visit to this temple. It has several beautiful golden decorations and sculptures.

Big Buddha

A visit to Samui Island is not complete if you do not see the Big Buddha. It is a landmark on the island. Buddhist devotees travel from different parts of the world to give flowers and fruit offerings. Tourists are allowed to observe the religious rituals that offer great insight into the Buddhist culture. Big Buddha is breathtaking at night when it is highlighted by spotlights.

Secret Buddha Garden

Secret Buddha Garden is located in the Samui Island’s interior. It features a collection of unusual statues in the heart of the jungle. The garden was created by an old farmer. He erected several statues.


There are a lot of different accommodations on Samui Island, from budget bungalows to luxurious resorts like Rocky’s Resort and Four Seasons. You can find more at www.tripadvisor.com.

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