Top 5 Sports Apps

Over the years, sports and technology have found it surprisingly difficult to get along. It took a whole lot of debating before the organisers of Wimbledon came around to the idea of using the now ubiquitous ‘hawk-eye’ technology that shows to a tremendous degree of accuracy whether a shot landed in or out. The governing bodies of association football are yet to implement this technology on the goal lines of the world’s leading pitches.
When it comes to the end user, sport tech has always been more readily embraced; in the past we’ve scoured Teletext, strapped pedometers to our ankles and heart monitors to our chests. Nowadays we’re every bit as open to enriching our sports experiences with technology as ever before, and there’s no better way to gauge this than to take a look at the burgeoning market for sports apps online. Here are five of our favourites!
Nike+ Running App: Many adore this app from sportswear giant Nike! Utilising the in-built GPS of your smartphone, Nike+ tracks your movement as you run/jog/walk your way to better fitness, offering a route map and time, along with a host of other data once you’ve stopped running. Training has never been so easy to analyse, and with the possibility to post to Facebook and receive real-time ‘cheers’ from every like and comment received, this app’s also a great motivator.
William Hill App: Here’s a classic betting app from a classic bookmakers! William Hill is a distinguished and long-standing name in the world of sports betting, and the William Hill app lives up to that good name entirely, with an easy-to-navigate interface and a world of odds at your fingertips. There are plenty of other good betting apps out there from the leading bookmakers. Check out freebets to find the right one for you!
Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPlan: Remember the days when people used to worry about everybody getting unfit due to an unhealthy obsession with technology? Weird. Now tech keeps us fit, with this handy app providing a prime example. MyFitnessPlan’s Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker does exactly what it says on the tin.
Tour de France 2013 App: This neat little app kept us perfectly updated on Chris Froome’s triumphant ride in this year’s Tour de France. We’ll be on the lookout for the 2014 app next summer, when the Tour visits England during its opening stages!
FourFourTwo Football Stats Zone: So you remember us mentioning Teletext earlier in this article? This is what all the folk who used to use that particular service are using nowadays.