Ever Heard Of Pizza Economics?

Dominos pizza

Last week I woke up with an incredibly awesome dream of a mouthwatering pizza with every bite bombarding my mouth with various flavors of yummy toppings. This was realization enough, that I had been suppressing my pizza craving from too long and nothing could stop me from having it as soon as possible.

I reached college determined to convince my gang of friends for a pizza party. Right when I was about to accomplish my mission, our economics professor entered and there was a disappointing murmur. Sensing the mood, the professor proposed a brilliant idea of ordering the pizzas in the class and enjoy the working bites. The concept was new for us and we loved it. This was when I knew God’s also loved pizzas.

The lecture started and surprisingly the professor was innovative enough to teach the pizza way. I could not believe what was happening. The teacher was explaining the distribution of average expenses of previous year. The best part was the he made a nice vegetarian pizza, the pizza base and cheese was called the entire population and wedges of different vegetables were  the other aspects like housing sector, food sector etc.

After this we were discussing the policy implementation and the professor explained once we gave the idea having a pizza, the policy was proposed, and to implement the policy, we need to order online and this is what called policy implementation initiation.

However, before we could do it, we must understand the discrepancy in population, and also need to respect the non-vegetarians and need to choose a chicken pizza as well. So we decided on Chicken Dominator which has almost all the yummy toppings.

Finally we ordered 10 pizzas online from www.dominos.co.in  which turned out to be a very convenient way of ordering with various features like customize your order, Pizza tracker etc. Our pizzas actually reached within 30mins and I ran to grab them as the Italian herby aroma announced their presence in our department. Now was the time to implement the policy and eat and enjoy the much awaited Italian pie. It was a huge party, full of enthusiasm and most importantly the humor that took off had the flavor of economics in a cheesy way.

This was really innovative and flavorful which made me an absolute fan of my teacher. This not only made the pizza gang bigger as other students who were not a part of our gang also joined in contributing and enjoying the pizza affair, but we also learned some of the boring topics in the most interesting way possible. This was one of the lessons I will remember all my life.

Until this day, I detested studies, specifically economics thinking it was just based on assumptions, but ever since the famous pizza session, I started scoring good and my learning trajectory kept on rising which made me a favorite student of my favorite teacher.

The pizzas actually bridged the gap between me and studies and finally today I owe a lot to that pizza session which not only gave me everlasting memories but also changed me to focus more and score well in studies.