How To Introduce A Business To Potential Clients

One of the biggest challenges you will encounter when trying to start a business is getting it off the ground. This is the reason why every potential client must be treated with utmost importance, you must make sure that your business is presented to potential clients in the best way possible. In this post we shall cover five things that you should do in order to make sure that every potential client you meet sticks around.


Any potential client can tell how organized you are, it is important to be fully organized from the moment you first meet because it tells clients what to expect if they decide to do business with you. You should not keep any clients waiting for you to make your appointment as you fumble to get documents and other information in order. There is no right or wrong when it comes to organization, you must figure out what works for you. Whether you decide to use palm cards, PowerPoint presentations or an oral presentation is up to you.


You must make sure that everything you are going to say is at your fingertips well before you meet the client. Practice your presentation out loud in front of an audience or a mirror. It feels a bit silly but it makes a big difference because you will be able to identify anything that doesn’t sound right. You will also increase your confidence at the same time.


Nobody wants to get into business with a person who doesn’t know the industry he has chosen to start a business in. You should also know your client. Find as many details about a client in order to make sure that your proposal is most appropriate for their needs. Clients don’t just want to see what you are presenting to them; they want to know how they will benefit from the arrangement. Unless you understand their history, industry, and business, it is virtually impossible to know what they need. Understanding your client not only helps you to illustrate your value, it also helps to explain the rationale behind your decisions. Clients appreciate your commitment when they see that you understand them and that goes a long way towards helping you seal the deal.

Prepare for Questions

You should be sure that potential clients will ask questions and share their concerns with your proposal. You should take time to brainstorm all possible questions that might arise and prepare solid answers for them. When you answer every question and put all clients’ doubts to rest, you will undoubtedly earn their respect and there is a good chance that the client will accept your proposal.


If you believe that you have the best deal to offer the clients, you should let the clients know – show them the reasons why you believe that you are the best. You should keep in mind that visual confidence is not everything you need to seal the deal; make sure you work on your value proposition, demonstrate your ability to handle the job, deliver on time and within budget, etc.

This post was supplied by Mark Stubbles, Mark has many years experience when it comes to presenting business solutions and products. Mark currently works with, provider of business presentation and communication solutions.