Commercial LED High Bay Lights: More Efficient And Cost Effective In Comparison To Fluorescent

Lighting a warehouse or another location with a high ceiling is not an easy thing to do, but we have a lot of light bulb choices in our modern world, and we have come a long way in our history by improving them, for which we can only be grateful.

We were happy in the beginning with incandescent bulbs, when they were all we had, but they are especially inefficient by the standards of today’s LED bulbs. Incandescent bulbs use only 10% of their electrical power as light. The rest is lost as heat. LED bulbs are our best choice.

Why LED?

Fluorescent bulbs are more energy efficient, especially when we have large spaces, such as a warehouse, to light. HID lights are another option that can be used, but are still less efficient in this situation than the LED bulbs. The initials HID stand for high intensity discharge. They are the kind of lights used in car headlights and underwater lamps. The HI part makes them less energy efficient, especially in a warehouse. But LED is the modern choice. It just makes sense. In a high bay commercial setting, LED lights are more efficient and more cost effective in comparison to fluorescent and HID lights.

What does a high bay setting need?

A high bay ceiling is a significant challenge. Most importantly, to function well, it needs good light. Lighting is important in a high ceiling environment, because a well-lit environment is one that is healthy, safe, and mood-enhancing. In a warehouse that depends on safety and having everything in smooth working order, good lighting makes everyone feel and work better. LED lights work perfectly in this situation because they are designed to be of lower cost, to provide better light, and to reduce the carbon footprint.

Reducing high Costs with efficient Bulbs

A high ceiling means that you have added operating costs to maintain it. They can be expensive to operate and maintain, and light bulb replacement costs add to it. You certainly don’t want to replace the bulbs often, as that can be very disruptive, so an LED bulb that will last for as many as 100,000 hours can reduce a lot of costly headaches.

Why are they so efficient?

One of the main reasons LED bulbs are more efficient is that they use fewer resources. They use less than 10 watts of electricity, compared to the incandescent bulb which needed at least 40 to cast a dim light. They are much more efficient than fluorescent bulbs in that they are not as fragile and don’t break as often, and when they do drop, they don’t implode and shatter.

LED Lights don’t heat up

This is very good news when you are lighting a large space like a warehouse that may need to be kept cool. You can lower your air-conditioning costs just by changing your light bulbs.

Health benefits

People are happier when the light is just right, and when they are happier they work better, and they take fewer sick days (which is also a significant cost saver). Customers will also find an advantage in a well-lit warehouse — they will feel happier and stay longer, and will probably feel better about their purchases. LED lights make people feel safer too, because they don’t contain mercury like the compact fluorescent bulbs do.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

Everyone is expected to do more to do their part for the environment. This has become a mandate in most workplaces. Energy efficient lighting like that from LED lights can give you significant cost savings, and, while using fewer resources, you will be reducing the costs associated with the carbon you use.

More efficient and cost effective

LED lights are the right choice for your high bay ceiling because they are more efficient and cost-effective than other available options, like fluorescent lights or HID lights. They can save you money on maintenance costs, electricity costs, employee absenteeism, and they are good for the environment, which may be one of the best reasons to use them. While there is an initial high cost for the bulb itself, these prices are lowering all the time as they start to become more common and subsidized.

Make the switch to LED lighting and save money.

This article was written by Lloyd Cleve, who likes using LED High Bay Lights, because they last longer and consume less energy than other available bulb.