Que Plastic Logic – The On-The-Go EReader

The Que Plastic Logic which appears to be as one of the most advanced technology for an eReader. It is considered as the latest eBook reader. It is not a big threat to other leading eBook readers like the Kindle of Amazon and Nook of Barnes and Nobles. However, there is no doubt that Que Plastic Logic is quite ahead to the products of Sony and Amazon. The features of the Que are the sleekness of the eBook reader and the 8.5×11 inches screen that is 10.7 monochromes that is built in to the sophisticated body of the eBook reader. The size of the screen is the same as the standards size of a paper. The screen of the eReader is composed of layered screens in order for the gadget not to lose the sensitivity of the screen. There is no need to use any stylus to click the buttons but instead using your finger may do so because of its virtual keyboard which is very powerful. 3G and access to Wi – Fi 8GB model is also available on Que Plastic Logic. The capacity of storing data in Que for a 4GB model can save up to 35,000 documents and the 8GB model can save up to 75,000 documents. In that case, there no need for you to bring suitcase that is loaded by lots of important documents. Compared to a suitcase, the Que Plastic Logic is very light in weight which you can bring anywhere you want. Que Plastic Logic is not one of the competitors of the leading brands of eReader. This eReader is intended to target the business market that is why it must put a corporate price which is high. The eBook eReader is no capable of reading magazines or any famous fiction. But the greatness of this eReader includes the use of Word, and Excel on it. Making notes and highlighting the important details on the document is possible on this eReader. Que have this so called US port, a slot for a SD memory card and a speaker. The power button of the eReader is located at the front bottom portion of the screen. User may surely access the books they read and as well as newspapers. This device is truly one of the most popular eReader that is available in the market that will surely let you enjoy your life in a more pleasurable way. Because this device is portable you will be able to carry around this device anywhere you go especially for those who loves to travel a lot and wants to carry their books anywhere they go.