Google a Clear-cut Winner in the conversion of Youtube Videos to mp3

With the recent spate of innovations that the net savvy people of the world have adapted to, not only has the rate of innovation for the format conversion sites but also the supply of the same has increased. This has given rise to not just a price war amongst themselves, but also a retaliatory action by the search engine giants Google, who acquired you tube some years ago.
In the wake of the widespread access to many dubious sites that provide youtube videos being converted to mp3, we have come to see that Google started seeing a slump in their revenues from the music streaming channel. As an immediate retaliation, albeit after turning a blind eye to the converter software companies that cropped up on a regular basis, Google seems to jolt awake.
Ever since the knee jerk shock that the search engine giant has suffered, lawyers of the search engine giant have started issuing legal notices that outline a cease-and-desist to the many companies that thrived in the years leading to such a stringent action by Google.
It is common knowledge that anything that is abused seeks to be punished. In this case, not only was the free service used and abused by consumers who relished free access, but was also harvested by companies that sought to convert youtube videos to mp3 unscrupulously. This can be compared to openly looting people or on a subtler note openly plagiarizing musical content, which in turn is considered to be equal to thievery.
One of the reasons that You Tube and hence google are feeling the pinch is that although even they allow users to download music for free from youtube, they have signed legal agreements with music company giants like Warner Music Group and Universal, among others to let users download from the video streaming site and can in turn buy from iTunes, AmazonMP3 and their own channel of Google Play.
In fact, the music that is made available to the public is nothing but a small snippet of the actual full length song. However, the companies that offer the conversion from youtube to MP3 allow conversions for the whole songs. This practice does certainly affect not just the popularity of youtube, but also hurts its bottom line and profitability in the long run.
Of course, there is another side to this coin where although Google is making a hue and a cry about legalities and piracy concerns, it was brought to light when the controversy erupted where we can see that Google had themselves converted to hard copies of books that went out of print and circulation to the digital format without any consent or permission from the original authors and publishers of the documents.
However, apart from this, there seems to be no other legally strong argument to defend the action of the conversion sites. This will mean that Google will have a clear victory over the piracy mongers and although in the future, we may see new ways invented to beat the system for some time, the air is cleared for now.