3 Tips For Home Buyers

3 Tips For Home Buyers

If you’re in the market for a new home consider a few key factors during your due diligence campaign. You may prefer a specific home but the neighborhood may be the chief factor in buying real estate. Being close to work and living in a neighborhood with an excellent school district are 2 things to look for in a home.

Before shopping set a price limit. Even if you have the means to buy a more expensive home setting a strict budget prevents impulse buys. You may crave a home with all of the trimmings but at the end of the day the location, as well as the craftsmanship put into the house play the greatest factors in most home buyer’s decisions.

Consider who you’re buying from. Speaking to current home owners gives you a glimpse into day to day living in the community. Who better to talk to than the person moving from the home? Inquire into why the current home owners are moving. Most people will be honest and clear in their reasoning, even if they want to make the sale. Listen closely to ensure that you’re buying a house that you want to buy.

Seek Professional Help

Speak to a real estate agent before purchasing a new home. You can only find out so much through internet searches. Skilled, experienced agents have extensive knowledge of the neighborhood. Pros know what you should pay for a home. Real estate agents are well aware of local scuttlebutt, from any issues with the house itself, neighbor factors and they also have a strong knowledge of the overall community. Leverage your knowledge. Speak to a pro.

Know the Neighborhood

After speaking to the current homeowner chat with a few neighbors about the community. Make the conversation worth their while by offering to buy them dinner. This is a tiny investment considering the information you can discern by chatting with a less than biased party. Neighbors may want someone to live in the house but they have a different, more detached viewpoint compared to the home owner themselves.

Neighbors can clue you in to any crime problems not discussed in local statistics as well as environmental or climate issues. For example, you may be completely unaware of flooding problems until you’ve moved in to a home. Small local streams may overflow their banks and low lying areas by the house may be problem areas. Speaking to a local gives you the complete picture. Agents and current homeowners may gloss over problems but neighbors are generally straight shooters in this regard.

No Impulse Buys

Research at least 2 to 3 homes before buying a new house. Conduct in home visits to get a feel for the dwellings. In your excitement you may be quick to make a foolish impulse buy. Weigh out the pros and cons of each home. Get a feel for what you truly want in a house. After doing your homework spend a week or 2 deciding on the best fit for you and your family.

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