Best Places To Shop For Wedding Jewellery In Bahrain

Best Places To Shop For Wedding Jewellery In Bahrain

When it comes to jewellery, then Bahrain is a high rated country in the production and manufacturing of quality jewellery. Regardless of the purpose whether for weddings, engagement, gifts or any occasion, Bahrain has it all. On the other hand weddings are very special occasions for everyone so people need to have the best of everything on this day and as you know jewellery goes hand in hand with occasion. Let us look at some of the places in Bahrain that you can buy wedding jewellery from.

Bahrain Jewellery Centre

This started as a single shop back in the year 1978. It deals with classic watches and jewellery only. Today Bahrain Jewellery center has so many branches in various popular malls in Bahrain. Any jewellery that you consider fashionable enough can be easily found in Bahrain Jewellery Centre.

Gold City

This is another famous jewellery place probably due to the regular and constant promotion offers it gives to its’ customers. This tactic has ensured that they woo customers’ loyalty hence retaining its’ old customers and at the same time attracting new ones. Gold city is well known for selling genuine gold, diamonds and bags. They also exchange old broken scrap for much newer items.

Damas Jewellery 

Dama’s first shop was first put up in 1907 so when you talk about experience then Dama Jewellery has it in plenty. This is U.A.E based company that has maneuvered its’ way from scratch to an international fashion jewellery network. At Dama’s jewellery, it’s all about creativity, good management and dedication.

Al Zain 

Al Zain jewellery is of high quality and prestige. It’s easy to identify a genuine product of Al Zain because all their products have the hallmark of a genius.


Devji it’s known for its expertise and skills in jewellery making because their products can be termed as perfect. Anyone with a good taste of jewellery will never be disappointed by Devji products. This place is famous in Bahrain for its’ well designed products.

Joanna Jewellers

Here the price depends on the weight of an item in grams. You will negotiate the price of an item per the grams it weighs. It takes Joanna Jewellers two to five days to design your jewellery to suite your desires and preferences. Remember to have your items stamped before leaving the shop.

Zoora Jewellery

Here you find the most essential jewellery designs that meet the dreams of your favorite accessories. Among the jewellery that you can get at Zoora are; diamond stud earrings, right hand rings, hat and cross pendants among others. Zoora ensure that timeless elegance meet modern style with classic wedding rings, men and women rings.


This is located in Rajkot in Gujarat. There is such a wide variety of jewellery here that you get confused on making a solution on the item to settle on. The items here are pocket friendly and stand out of the crowd.

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