40 Simple Rules To Follow When Creating A Logo

1. Before you start thinking about the logo, you should understand what kind of person your customer is.
2. Examine the target audience.
3. Outline your ideas on a paper before you start working on the computer.
4. The logo should be linked to the subject that it represents.
5. Keep the design simple.
6. The logo should not be confusing.
7. The logo embodies a feeling of importance and confidence, and never a felling of lethargy and weakness.
8. If the brand name is easy to remember – it should be the same for the logo.
9. Design a few variations: the more variations the more likely that you grip everything right.
10. Use rigid and angular lines for ‘tough’ business companies, and smooth lines for ‘soft’ business companies.
11. Do not use more than three colors in the design.
12. Get rid of any unnecessary elements and leave only those that are essential.
13. The logo font should be large enough that any grandmother would be able to read it.
14. The logo should be easily recognizable.
15. Try creating a unique logo shape or layout.
16. Under no circumstances do not consider your family remarks (of your parents, wife / husband).
17. Ensure that the logo looks appealing to at least three people.
18. Do not embed the elements of popular logos to your work design stating that it is an original feature.
19. Do not use
20.  Your logo should look good in black and white version.
21. Ensure that your logo is still recognizable when it’s flipped upside down.
22. Make sure that the logo is recognizable when resized.
23. If the logo in addition to the text contains an icon or a symbol then place them in a way that they complement each other.
24. Do not follow latest trends in the logos design even opposite, design an exclusive logo which look trendy for many decades.
25. Avoid using special effects (including but not limited to gradients, shadows, reflections and glare).
26. Place the logo into a square layout and, if possible, do not use layouts of indefinite geometric shapes.
27. Avoid intricate details and ignore minute details.
28. Take into account that the logo may be placed in different web or page location.
29. A photo is not a logo.
30. The logo must be effectively presented to the customer.
31. Each logo element should be located in someway: on the left, center, right, top or bottom.
32. The logo should look solid, with no “drooping” or “hanging in the air” elements.
33. Always favor functionality to innovation.
34. The logo should be recognizable even being specularly reflected.
35. Even huge companies need small logos.
36. The logo should be liked by everyone, not only your client that uses it.
37. Logo should have a simple description.
38. The logo should be visually balanced.
39. Avoid bright, neon, dark and dull colors.
40. Remember, nobody can design a perfect logo.

Interesting statistics:

  • These are analytical results of more than 50 famous companies logos:
  • In most cases the logo is used to identify the company and not to describe its activity
  • A slogan is not integrated into the logo
  • The font style is simple and easy to read
  • Only one color is used in the logo design (white and black are not considered for a color)
  • Only letters are used in the logo, without any special symbol
  • The logo is a made up name or a company’s abbreviation
  • The logo has a rectangular shape
  • The logo is only one word
  • The logo contain a trademark sign and it is located in the upper right corner
  • The name is composed of 6 letters or less
  • Upper and lower case letters are used in the name (except abbreviations)
  • There is a solid background
  • Consists of three pronunciation sounds / syllables
  • The dominant primary color is blue

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Marta Gromadzka is a writer and editor with a wide variety of experience, including writing for websites internationally and editing books on many different subjects and in a variety of formats.

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