Worried About Family Finances? 4 Common Kid Habits That Cost Parents

Worried About Family Finances? 4 Common Kid Habits That Cost Parents

If you are worried about your family finances, then it is time to start keeping a better eye on where your money is going. One fact that many moms and dads realize quickly is that their kids are costing them a lot of money. Here are four ways that kids may be causing unneeded expenses and what you may be want to do about it.

Needing Supplies at the Last Minute

Almost every parent recognizes this scenario. You are getting the kids settled down for the night when one walks into the room telling you that they forgot that they have to have notebook paper, pencils or other school supplies the next day or they will get into trouble. Suddenly, your quiet evening is spoiled as you have to load everyone back into the car and drive across town to pick up the supply. Stop this behavior by asking each child right after school if they have all the supplies that they need for the next day, and refuse to go after any supply they do not tell you about at that time. It would also be a good idea to have a weekly family council meeting to discuss ahead of time any store trips you may need to go on throughout the week.

Causing Toilet Problems

Another scenario that most parents can relate to is sitting in their chair after the kids are in bed when they realize they hear the toilet running. After convincing their tired body to get off the sofa, they discover that water is running all over the bathroom because one of the kids has stopped up the system by flushing toys, crayons, homework or other things down the commode. Worse yet, these items often pass from the commode to the septic tank system causing problems for all the wastewater in the house. Considering a universal toilet lock or a lock on the bathroom door will stop this behavior. The good news is that this behavior is usually reserved for the preschool years, and often provides great stories later in life.

Breaking Bones

One of the scariest sounds a parent can hear is the sound of one of their children’s bones breaking. Three boys and one girl out of every 10,000 children will break a bone before they are 18 years old, but that does not make it any easier when it is your child. Feeding a child a diet high in Vitamin D and calcium along with making sure they get plenty of exercises can help. Parents need to remember that silence often means trouble when it comes to their children as careful monitoring can sometimes prevent a broken bone. Additionally, making sure you have good insurance on children can help control expenses.

Breaking Windows

An exciting backyard ballgame can sometimes result in a window being broken. There are many ways that parents may be able to prevent this from happening including playing ball with the kids. They can also landscape so that children have a dedicated play area away from windows. Sometimes planting shrubbery in front of the window can keep it from breaking by causing the ball to bounce back into the yard. Homeowners insurance can often help with the expenses when a window gets broken despite the parent’s best efforts.

Raising kids can get pretty pricey. Save where you can by making sure that the above habits don’t happen in your family.