Tips For Saving On Limo Hire For Your Small Business

Tips For Saving On Limo Hire For Your Small Business

Limo hire companies are a dime a dozen especially in large cities around the world. However, many of these companies are geared towards individuals who require a limo service every now and then either because they are getting married, going out with friends or for a prom. That said many small businesses are often afraid of hiring a limousine on an ongoing basis because they work to be pretty expensive over the long run. So, businesses that can afford to lease a limo do so but this is not always necessary. If you know how to deal with a limousine hire business you can in fact save money and have a fresh limousine at your service every day.

Make a list of what you’ll need

Prior to searching for a limo hire service you first need to make a list of everything you need a limousine for. Also, the limo hire company will want to know what you’ll require the limo for either on a monthly or weekly basis. Generally speaking businesses will require a limo for:

  • Executive transportation
  • To work as a shuttle for visiting executives
  • To transport people to and from a tradeshow in another city

Once you have made a list of what jobs you need a limousine for the next step is to make a list of what features and types of limousines you may be interested in. For instance, you may want a limousine with special features like a sunroof, bar, fiber optic etc. You may also just want a limo that does not have any extras so that you can keep the costs down while still maintaining your business’s image.

Visit Local Limo Hire Companies

Now that you know exactly what you need and want the next step is to get a figure value associated with it. This will require that you visit a few local limo hire companies. Present you list of needs and also a list of the types of limousines you’re interested in hiring. You’ll also want to specify if you want a limo for just a week or the entire month. Some companies will want limousines on a monthly basis, since this allows them to change the color and type of limousine to the latest one each month. The duration of your hire is important because it will give the company a chance to provide you with a quote accordingly. Get as many quotes as you possibly can and inspect the vehicles at the lot. You’ll obviously want to go for the best maintained vehicle.

Tips For Saving On Limo Hire For Your Small Business

Comparing Quotes

The key to comparing limo hire quotes is to compare the same types of vehicles. For instance, if you’re interested in a 2009 Bentley stretch limo then these are the limos that you should compare across all the hire companies you’ve visited. This should give you a good idea as to which company is comparatively cheaper. When browsing through the quote make sure that it includes taxes and driver tips. Many companies do not include these in their quotes just so that their quote may look lower to clients. You should also inspect the quote for hidden charges like for cleaning the car. If this is not included in the quote make sure to call up the company and confirm if they do have such charges.

Find Out about a Security Bond

Many limo hire companies will require that businesses who want to hire a limo for an extended period of time place a security bond which is refundable if the vehicle is returned in good condition. The security bond may be something you cannot get past but you can certainly negotiate its price. It is usually around 10%-30% of the vehicle’s total cost. Most hire companies will lower this amount based on your business’s reputation.

Tips For Saving On Limo Hire For Your Small Business

Sign an Agreement

Once you’ve decided on the vehicle and the car hire company it would be a good idea to get everything in writing. Getting everything on paper for you and the company to sign will make things clearer for everyone. However, when reviewing the agreement advises that company owners pay special attention to the insurance section, damages section, return policy and refueling. All these terms should be clear before you sign.

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