The Modded Xbox 360 Controller: KNow What You Are Missing

This video montage just is no game-play from the latest key gaming professionals—it’s real footage of some casual gamer smoke. The modded Xbox 360 controller does check the competition with tremendous impunity, accuracy and speed. Actually, the few-hours-a-week warrior is armed with the very latest ‘IntensaFire 3.1 HS Master Mod’ modified controller. As well, poised to take the competition by storm, the gadget is jam-packed with ultra-fast rapid fire, let alone boasting the most features than its counterparts.

Equipment Design

This accessory’s design is all about the four straightforward buttons. Simple, yet handy, the buttons have replaced the one and only axis D-pad button that commands the stock Xbox 360 controllers. Operating independently from each other, the four directional buttons are geared towards hitting the eight directional inputs, one at a time. You only have to press a button to have it registered. The same will apply if you want to hit the angles.

Extra Grip for Increased Performance

While it offers the same resistance level as regular controllers, the modded type has added grip that only rarely could be noticed. Yet, it does come in handy during extended play sessions, particularly for serious gamers. Actually, it does help maintain grip whenever gamers develop sweaty hands—get it right here; it’s not that you won’t slip on, but the increased grip will help minimize the effect.

More Personalized with Different Colors

Be it regular or the special-edition type, standard controllers will have all the green LED lights situated behind the usually large Xbox button in the middle of the device, a thing that does limit customization. However, with the modded Xbox 360 controller, it usually is not the case. Our warrior here has a set of colors customized for the Xbox button, provided you make a request—it’s good to know that all colors are catered for.

Apparatus Advantages

With the modded controller, playability upgrade is not mandatory, thanks to the excellent quality of the case modding. The visual design, as well, does make the black Xbox pad appear to be considerably cooler. Yes, all of the buttons are painted pointing a devil’s tail in the corresponding direction. As if it’s not enough, at the heart of the buttons rests a devilish logo of the company.And while this may not be an extravagant mod, it certainly is the sort of thing you will want to show off to fellow gaming buddies, while getting them asking the hell that could be on your controller.
Also, it’s now a thing of the past to accidentally misfire a directional with this gadget. It’s the button you press that gets registered in the game, contrary with other controller-types, where accidental directional misfires are not uncommon.

Salient Feature: Ultra-fast Rapid Fire

The modded Xbox 360 controller is factory programmed, plus optimized, to offer a real fast rapid fire in the industry. And guess what? This is just suitable for all first-time shooters, inclusive of Black Ops, Battlefield 3 and MW3. The rapid fire function (standard type) does convert any given semi-automatic weapon into a complete auto-horse of death, at only a pull of the trigger.
All in all, that’s what this equipment really is. The modded Xbox 360 controller is worth a purchase.
James is a from-the-womb gamer, who got his first taste of gaming, as a youngster, on the NES. An avid gamer, he helps review the gaming world as a profession.