3 Tips For Treating A Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Are you having a difficult time with kicking an addiction? If you can’t resist taking another hit or downing another beer consider using these 3 tips to become addiction-free.

Admit that You Have a Problem

Whether you are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction simply ignoring the problem will not make it go away. Admitting your problem freely and honestly is step 1 in the process of treating an addiction. Many addicts feel that admitting their problem is a sign of weakness or that they don’t have an issue. Some feel that they party too hard or are going overboard only once in a while.

Once you share your problem you can take the next step to solve the problem. Although interventions can help sometimes the individual who’s suffering through the addiction needs to admit their issues on their own. Force usually negates in the intervention scenario. Leaving suggestions or expressing your concerns can help but people who conquer their addictions generally decide to go for help on their own. Unless a person is in dire straits and you fear for their life allow them to admit their problem on their own. Then you can seek out treatment options together.

Develop a Treatment Plan

If you’ve established that someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol you need to build an actionable plan to treat their illness. This involves attending meetings with other people suffering through substance abuse or enrolling in a treatment program. Whatever choice you make set up a clear and detailed plan to attack the problem.

Most people fail to note that until you learn how to address cravings the problem will never go away. Using your willpower alone rarely works because addicts have no mechanism in place to overcome tremendously overpowering urgings along with agonizingly painful withdrawal symptoms. People who defeat their demons stick to a sound action plan religiously.

If you’re attending weekly meetings you should never miss a meeting. Open up freely to admit your problem. You’ll get as much out of the meeting as much as you contribute and listen to the stories of other people struggling with addiction.

If you decide to enroll in a program attend the entire program straight through to the last day. Do not bail when things get rough. Commit to your happiness and freedom. Do not give in to a temporary urging or difficult pain. Stay the course, follow your plan and decide that any suffering you’ll experience is worth the freedom you’ll feel when you’re addiction-free.

Build a Kick Butt Support System around You

Surround yourself with loving, compassionate but firm and disciplined friends and family to ease your road to recovery. Although having kind, gentle souls in your presence can help you ride out the lows of withdrawal you’ll need a no-nonsense person or 2 to kick your butt when you feel weak. Do not include anybody in your support camp who allows you to use or drink during weak moments. Anybody who lacks the courage to be brutally honest and direct with you has no place in your camp.