When To Use Freight Companies

When it comes to sending out letters and packages, a lot of people are usually familiar with the post office and courier companies. However, even though many people may have heard of these so called freight companies, not many have actually used one or know how freight companies actually operate.
Freight companies, also known as fleet services or even trucking companies, do specialize in sending items from point A to point B, but there are usually some special circumstances that are attached.

When to Use Freight Companies

The main time to use freight companies is when you have a large volume or size or weight worth of items to ship that is beyond what the post office or a courier company can actually handle.
For this reason, most fleet services specialize in large shipments or shipments that weigh over a certain amount, which is typically 100 pounds and up.
Most of the time, freight is moved by trucking companies, but it may also be delivered by air, sea, rail or any combination of the methods mentioned.
When some of these freight companies take charge of a particular shipment, they are often moved as part of a dedicated truckload, which means over 8,000 lbs or as an ‘LTL’, also referred to as less than truckload shipment.
LTL shipments are generally the least expensive option, and it is a way to ship items that are too large or bulky for mail or regular courier, but at the same time they are too small for a dedicated truckload with freight companies.
When you call up fleet services to create your order, the person on the other end will work with you to try and match the most economical means of transportation with your particular shipment and needs.  Sometimes that will end up being a full truckload and sometimes it will be less than a truckload.
But since you are the shipper, you will always have the final say on how you want your goods to be shipped.

How Freight Works

Most freight companies typically work in a similar fashion to an exaggerated version of a parcel shipping service.  You, the shipper, are typically responsible for making sure that everything is packaged and protected the way you want it to be.
All of the items you prepare for trucking companies must also be properly addressed and labelled.  In most cases, the driver is not obligated or required to load the truck, but they will usually do so, or at least assist you in loading the truck.  This is more for LTL freight and if you have a full load, you will have all the help you need.
If you have items that are fragile and extra care needs to be taken, you should ask if your freight company offers any type of service designed to protect those items on their journey to ensure they will not be damaged.  In most cases, these are considered specialty services and you will most likely be charged extra.

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