You Can Sell A Watch In Any Condition

Watches of any ilk are usually worth something. Even if a digital watch hasn’t been serviced for years, someone will more than likely be interested in buying it. When deciding to sell watches that are made by renowned brands such as Rolex, Cartier and Omega, its owner can expect to receive a higher figure. It doesn’t matter if a watch is in a poor quality or excellent condition because it can still be sold:

 Luxury watches have high quality parts

If a Rolex watch is damaged, it is assumed that it’s worthless. When a Rolex watch isn’t serviced for several years, faults can happen. Although Rolex watches are designed to last a lifetime, they are just like any other premium item – without proper maintenance, damage is highly likely. If a Rolex watch is currently in a safe and not worn because its owner thinks that it is worth nothing, they should reconsider their actions. This is because its parts are highly sought after. From official dealers to other Rolex owners, such parts are incredibly valuable. When a Rolex watch cannot be fixed, its parts won’t render it worthless. By deciding to sell a luxury wristwatch, its owner will probably get more than they thought they would on account of its parts.

A watch can be serviced

When a watch suddenly stops working, its owner might throw it away and buy another instead of having it serviced. If a digital watch’s battery is empty or its strap suddenly breaks, its value can increase considerably when it is serviced. By deciding not to do so, it will still have a low value. As it doesn’t always cost a lot of money to have a digital watch serviced, its owner probably won’t be liable for a huge repair bill.

Brand new watches are highly valuable

Luxury watches are often purchased as an investment. As a result, they aren’t taken out of their original box and a watch retains its quality. When a wristwatch is in pristine condition, its value can increase considerably. As it won’t have any scratches or be damaged in any way, its owner can expect to make a profit when selling it. If a rare model is owned, its value can increase significantly in just a couple of years. So that a watch has the highest possible value, its original box and papers must be kept nearby. If a Certificate of Authenticity is not by a pristine luxury watch, its value will be affected. However, by retaining this document and keeping an original box out of harm’s way, such as putting it in a safe, a watch will be worth more over time and won’t devaluate in any way.

So, when deciding to sell watches but it’s assumed that they will be worthless, think again. By taking the aforementioned into consideration, a final decision can be made regarding selling a watch no matter what its quality is like.

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