The Ultimate Guide To Purchasing Excavators

Heavy equipment and machinery are usually needed in construction sites to make work easier for construction workers. In the old days, tasks like digging and demolition were done using primitive equipment and manual labour.
Instead of getting their hands dirty, workers now use sophisticated technology which allows them to sit and operate a machine that can perform several tasks. In this article, we do some digging on one of these machines, the excavator, and what to look for when buying one.

Excavators and Their Uses

This type of heavy machinery is the reason why buildings, houses and other structures are built in a timely manner. Excavators are designed to do several jobs and listed below are some of their common functions:

  • Digging trenches and big holes.
  • Digging up sediments and sand underwater to make the water navigable. This process is called dredging and may also be used prior to constructing bridges, docks and piers.
  • Lifting heavy objects such as pipes.
  • Demolishing structures like small buildings and houses.
  • For aesthetic purposes, excavators are also used for landscaping and grading.
  • Open pit mining or more commonly known as surface mining.

There are six types of excavators that are classified according to their size, power, how deep it digs, and their dump height. Figure out what type you will need for your construction by taking a look at the list below:

  • Compact – This comes with a blade in front designed for general bulldozer work and usually used for urban construction because of its small size. The smallest one can even fit through the doorway!
  • Dragline – This is used for open pit mining and civil engineering tasks like road and port constructions.  Some dragline excavators are built on site instead of the standard lifting ones.
  • Long Reach – The name speaks for itself, as it comes with a longer boom arm and is primarily used for demolition purposes.
  • Steam Shovel – This heavy machinery uses steam to lift and move rocks and soil. It is also one of the oldest types as it was used around the 1800s.
  • Power Shovel – Powered by electricity, this type has a bucket attached to it and is able to carry materials in bulk. Its main purpose is to dig and load rocks and extract minerals.
  • Suction – Considered as the safest of excavation equipment, it acts as a vacuum to clear heavy debris like rubble or remove earth without too much damage around the area.

How to Purchase Excavators

Purchasing heavy equipment, even if they are used ones, is not exactly as easy as going to a used car shop.
Sometimes you will have to travel extensively to look for the equipment you are interested in. It’s a great thing that technology makes it easier for most consumers. Because of the World Wide Web, you can now look for excavators for sale online. Here are some reminders for safe buying on the Internet:

  • Know the correct price range for the equipment you are going to buy. If the price is too low, better avoid it as it could turn out to be a scam.
  • Always ask for proof. Sellers should be able to show you documents stating ownership of the machinery. Verify the seller’s details as well.
  • Free shipping only applies to small items. No heavy equipment seller would offer free shipping. It doesn’t make sense to ship a big machine like that without any cost to you at all.
  • If financial assistance is needed, ensure that your loan is approved before anything else.
  • Purchase using a secure Internet connection from your personal computer. Avoid any kind of online shopping using public computers.

Before you go online to search for excavators for sale, make a list of your specifications. Note the brand that you want to purchase from and an alternative brand if there’s none available for the first one. Once you find the machinery online, go through the details of the item carefully to make sure that it’s the right one. In that way, your equipment purchase will surely be in order.
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