Conquering The Graduate Market Through Employer Branding

Every summer there is an influx into the employment market as students leave higher or further education after completing their studies. As qualified professionals, whether in business, finance, law or engineering, these graduates are highly sought after by businesses of all sizes. In this article we look at why graduates are wanted by businesses and how an employer branding strategy can be used to entice them.
Why Do Businesses Want Graduates?
There are a number of reasons why businesses want graduates. The first is that they are fully qualified in their field which means that no further investment into their education is required for the foreseeable future. Graduates are also fully up-to-date with the latest techniques and theory within the industry, having just been taught the most up to date skills. This includes knowing and understanding the most recent legislation within that field.
Graduates are also highly sought after as they are cheaper to employ than staff who have experience. Workers with experience, especially extensive experience command a higher level of pay but most graduates are just seeking their first job and earning enough to live off is their main priority.
Another advantage of hiring a graduate is that they can be moulded and shaped to perfectly fit your company’s procedures and culture. Probably their first job, graduates have the advantage of not having excess office baggage or being set in their ways of using certain filing systems or computer programmes. This provides the business with scope to get a graduate in the door now and shape them for a long career within their business.
Graduates provide companies with the chance to mould them into perfect employees
But as graduates are so desirable, competition to snap them up is fierce. It is therefore vital to have an effective employer branding strategy in place.
What is Employer Branding Strategy?
An employer branding strategy is basically the way in which a company markets itself to its potential employees, including graduates. Just as a wide range of techniques are used by marketing professionals to sell products to the public, employers must use a range of techniques to bring employees into the business and to ultimately keep them there.
An Employer Branding Strategy Aimed at Graduates
Although graduates are looking for their first role within a company, they will not be happy with simply any job. They are looking for one that will provide them with a chance to try out their newly acquired skills whilst offering support and just a little kudos too. They like to work for big brands that people have heard of and know about such as the giants of Coca Cola, Adidas or Vodafone. For companies who are not such well known global giants, an employer branding strategy is vital to draw in these graduates.
When producing an employer branding strategy aimed specifically at graduates, a number of processes have to be undertaken. The first is to discover and interpret how the company is currently perceived by graduates. Do they see the brand as exciting, fast-paced and exhilarating or traditional, out-dated or plain boring? Do they see the perks of working for the company such as long term career development or just the pay packet? It is only once these questions have been answered than an effective employer branding strategy can be put together which will entice graduates into the folds of the company.
Due to the complexities of producing an employer branding strategy, it’s worth hiring professionals to undertake the various stages, especially research for you.

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