10 Things You Should Know About During Prom Before Hiring A Limousine Company

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Tip 1 – Budget
Know exactly what kind of budget you have to work with and how much it will end up costing you in the long run. So many parents receive the bill for prom and the limousine company totaled and its way more than they expected it to be. Plan out your budget and how much everything will cost before prom night or hiring any kind of service. This includes any tips you give as well.
Tip 2 – Make Sure It’s Legal
Not every limousine company or taxi service is licensed or legal. This is something you want to check for and to make sure that you’re hiring a legal company for your party. Also, another thing to check for is that the limousine transporting your teen is insured incase anything were to happen. All limousine companies should be properly inspected and licensed by the appropriate company in the residing state.
Tip 3 – Get To Know Your Driver
Make sure that the driver you hire is fun and brings an exciting vibe to the party. Some drivers are quiet and calm and while there’s nothing wrong with that, you want to personally know the person who will be driving your child around. You’re not hiring a prior criminal are you? While some of them manage to slip past the hiring process and background check, this is something you should research and look into prior to hiring them.
Tip 4 – See The Car Before Hand
One common complaint with some companies is that they hire these companies and a car that was advertised differently shows up to pick up your guests. This is why if it’s possible, you should go to the company and check out the car for yourself to see what they would be sending you. It’s not a bad idea to get a written agreement between you and the associate at the building that you’ve both seen the vehicle and don’t forget to take a picture.
Tip 5 – The Driver’s Moral Compass
While outside the presence of parents, it’s common for teens and children to try to hoax others into buying them alcohol or letting them do illegal substances since it’s a “party” night. You need to make sure that the driver will be aware of anything like this and won’t give into the peer pressure of the teens.
Tip 6 – Get The Money Upfront
While we know that plans can change, some dates will cancel and some people won’t be able to go. You want to make sure to collect all the money upfront from everyone that’s helping pitch in to pay the limousine company. This will prevent future frustration.
Tip 7 – Don’t Forget Pictures
Take pictures with the entire group outside and inside the limo to relive the memories. Prom is a memorable time that only happens once for most and it’s something you’ll never forget. Make sure to capture the memories with plenty of pictures to relive the moments.
Tip 8 – Make The Most Of It
While your teen or children are out at a party or the prom, make plans to go out to dinner or get away for once. It might be one of the few nights that year that you’ll have a chance to get out and do something for you.
Tip 9 – Make Sure To Plan The Party
If you have a long trip ahead of you, make sure to bring any electronics or movies that you might want to watch unless you plan on sitting in the limo the entire time. Make sure to plan out everything for your ride so it’s as comfortable and as fun as possible.
Tip 10 – Don’t Book Too Late
During prom season, limousine companies are getting bombarded with phone calls so that’s why it’s a good reason to call at least a month or two weeks ahead at the very least. You don’t want to end up not having any limousines left for rental and scurrying to find a ride just one week or days before the prom.
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