Top Tourist Attractions with Wheelchair Access in Europe

Travel in a wheelchair is becoming more convenient nowadays with most of the European countries now assorting to means to make the tourist destinations wheelchair friendly. The presence of ramps for boarding the bus is one of such steps. Here are some of the must visits in the continent that facilitates people using mobility equipment such as walking aids to acquire a comfortable journey.

The United Kingdom

The UK is one of the few nations allowing top notch arrangements for the tourists during their journey. Alongside luxurious boarding facilities in 7 star hotels, there are cabs and bus facilities with convenient ramp facilities for tourists traveling in wheelchairs. You simply cannot afford to miss visiting the Buckingham Palace which has great historical significance for not only the UK but also for the Commonwealth nations who maintain the same respect for the Royal Monarch. There are arrangements for using mobility scooters inside the premises. In addition to these, the other must visits in London include the British Museum, Madam Tussauds, Shakespeare’s Globe and much more.


No one can afford to miss the journey to the Eiffel Tower. For people in wheelchairs the authorities keep lift provisions for carrying them to the retail outlets and café shops located in the second floor. It is convenient to keep some advance bookings to ease out the situations in heavy rush, however they bestow utmost priority for disabled people and allow them first preference to board the lifts. Some other places of visit are La Grande Halle, Musée du Quai Branly, Cite de Sciences (the most important and broadest museum in Europe).


The tourism department of Germany has very lenient policies for the tourist to aid them in every situation. With the motto of Tourism for All- the National Coordination Board has set guidelines that not only provides the facilities for disabled but at places like Eifel National Park have a pathway of 5kms for people boarding lightweight wheelchairs. One of the notable features here is the presence of Braille instruction for blind people for whom a separate route has been created leading to the Wild Kermeter Area where tourists can fancy the exotic beauty of scenic natural beauty. Other places with such facilities are Reichstag, History Museum and the Brandenburg Gate.


The accommodation in hotels and Vaporetto boats and taxis having wheelchair traveling access is a significant fact about the city’s transport system. One of the convenient facts is that some of the hotels with boarding facilities for disabled tourists maintain a transportation system via separate bridges that lead them straightaway to the accessible Vaporetto stoppages. You can easily get to the St. Mark’s Square where two most important spectacular tourist spots of the city are situated. The first one is the Doge’s Palace which has a giant construction exhibiting divine beauty. There are smaller ramps, large elevators and much more for the wheelchair users. The St. Mark’s Basilica is another place worth mention for not only sightseeing but also for shortcut routes and facilities for disabled people.
The tourism departments of countries like Vienna are also improvising their provisions for the handicapped people, with the Emperor’s Palace in the country is already implementing such systems.