Top 5 Ways to Stream the Best Videos From the Internet

There are a lot of sites out there with awesome videos. From how-to videos to news clips and more, it’s amazing what you can find online. Here are 5 ways to stream the web’s best videos.

YouTube has Everything


Image via Flickr by andresmh

Are you looking for a variety of how-to videos, music videos, or just cute cat videos? YouTube has the biggest collection of videos on the Internet. On YouTube, you can find so many different types of videos that you can literally spend hours going from one video to the next and not stumble across the same one twice. If you find a video you want to keep on your hard drive, make sure to install ProVideoDownloader here and use it to keep the video.

College Humor is Hilarious

If you love comedy, College Humor is a great option for some funny stuff. Here you’ll find sketch comedy that will have you rolling on the floor. With a variety of videos to go through, College Humor makes fun of pretty much everything going on in the world.

Food Network Keeps You Cooking


Image via Flickr by Karen Horton

Whether you’re looking for recipes or episodes of shows that you missed on TV, Food Network has a variety of videos to help. Keeping your favorite recipes on hand is a great way to make sure that you never lose them. When company is unexpectedly coming over, there’s no reason to panic, just pull up a recipe video and get cooking!

Hulu is Television’s Home on the Internet

From television shows to full movies, there’s a lot of content available on Hulu. There’s a treasure trove of TV shows, both old and current. In fact, you can watch new episodes of current television shows the day after they air on TV. While Hulu rarely gets today’s blockbusters, there are a lot of fun old movies here. While there’s a lot of content accessible for free, if you subscribe to Hulu+, you get access to even more TV shows and movies.

FailBlog Hurts

Do you love to watch videos of people doing really stupid things? If so, check out FailBlog! Sometimes you won’t believe your eyes and may need to watch the videos over and over. You might even need to have your friends watch the movies a few times with you. Yes, these are real videos of real people doing stupid things. Most of the videos on FailBlog end up with people hurting themselves, so if you have a squeamish stomach, you may want to stay away.
There are tons of videos all over the Internet. No matter where you go, you’ll run into interesting, funny, or crazy videos. If you want to keep those videos, all you have to do is save them to your hard drive and you’re good to go.