Getting In The Mood For Sex

Sexual intercourse is the biggest part of dating and relationships, if two people are not compatible in sex life they may face some difficulties and misunderstandings. Of course dating isn’t all about sex, there are other wonderful aspects of a long-term and happy relationships. When dating someone special you want to give all you have to this person, to make your date feel happy and satisfied.

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Nobody can be in the mood for sex all the time. There are a lot of distractions in our lives that prevent us from feeling sexy and from getting in the right mood. However you can change the situation pretty fast, very often it doesn’t take much efforts to get in the mood for sex. Sometimes even a few small changes can improve your sex mood dramatically.

5 Tips on how to get Frisky

Tip 1: Limit Distractions

Digital gadgets are the most powerful distraction and obstacle for intimacy. How many times you were interrupted or distracted by your mobile phone in the very moment? You will never feel like having sex if you are txting, surfing the net, shopping and watching videos online. Turn off all your devices, focus on your date, on spending fantastic time in bed and act.

Tip 2: Get Silly and Frisky

Love making shouldn’t be serious. If you take the process too serious you’ll have less chances to relax and to actually enjoy it. Get silly with your date, laugh, jokes, chase each other, tease each other, when you feel relaxed you have more chances to get frisky and to have passionate sex.

Tip 3: Schedule a Date Night

Our busy lives don’t give us much free time to go out, to unwind. But here is how you can solve the situation. When making your weekly to do list, just add a date night to your schedule. Knowing that you have a date night on friday is a nice incentive to put everything aside and to enjoy each other. You can fantasize about how you are going to spend the date night, and when the day comes you have more chances to be in the mood for sex.

Tip 4: De-stress together

Stress is everywhere in our hectic lives. It’s not wonder that after a long, stressful week you may not be in the mood for sexual intimacy. There is a solution, you need to unwind together, to destress each other, which is a great way to make connection, to feel each other. Make a candle light dinner, take hot bath together, give a sensual massage to each other, listen to romantic music.

Tip 5: Boost your Confidence

Feeling sexy is the most important component of the hot, passionate sex. If you don’t feel sexy, there is a little possibility that you would feel like making love. But it all up to you, whether to do something to feel sexy or not to do and spend another boring night. If you have troubles getting in the right mood, do something to feel sexy and boost your confidence.