Tips To Style Flannel Shirts

Tips To Style Flannel Shirts
Flannel shirts are a must have in autumn and winter. Not only do they keep you warm, but this shirt style for men also looks smart and chic and keeps you comfortable all day long. There are various flannel shirt styles other than plaid. And you can style your flannel shirt in a way that doesn’t make you look like a lumberjack. Thanks to the comfort, ease, and warmth this brushed cotton fabric brings in the cold months, it has remained popular down the years. Here are a few tips to rock a flannel shirt effectively.

Tips To Style Flannel Shirts

Stay Away From Plaid If Possible

As mentioned earlier, flannel shirts don’t just mean plaid. Since plaids and flannels appear together most of the time, they have become synonymous. But as far as men’s shirt designs are concerned, plaids and flannels can exist without each other. A solid-coloured or patterned flannel not just looks classier but also stands out from the crowd of plaids. Wearing a solid hued flannel will also save you from looking like a lumberjack or woodman, besides being easier to mix and match with the rest of the outfit.

Avoid Thick Fabrics

Flannel remains warm even if it’s not heavy or thick. Therefore, if you want to avoid looking bulky, stay away from heavy flannels. It also becomes difficult to layer or style your shirt when the material is too chunky. When it comes to flannel men’s shirts online shopping stores are full of heavier designs. But choose a lightweight or mid weight material to be able to pull off the look more easily.

Add Some Fun

Your average flannel is usually either solid or plaid, making it boring. You can wear flannel shirts over or under sweaters, with graphic tees, and with your regular denims. But remember to inject some fun into your look by choosing something other than solids or plaids. Try patterns for a change. No, they aren’t just for spring. While patterns are harder to pull off and are not for everyone, some novel patterned subtle flannels can be a cut above your average flannel.

Layer It Right

Lightweight flannels are great for layering, and in autumn and winter, layering is really the name of the game. Your flannel shirts can be worn under your varsity jacket, over a graphic tee, or even a polo. To add some out of the box flair to your look, pair your flannel with a fleece, a puffer vest, a denim jacket, or a winter coat. The beauty of flannel shirts is that they go with just about everything. You can experiment by making it the first, second, or even the third layering piece, depending on the weather.

Remember, if you’re wearing a plaid flannel shirt, keep the rest of the outfit plain or neutral since too much of checks will make your look busy and cluttered. Flannel shirts for men must also be worn properly fitted. Avoid wearing it too loose or too tight.