Tips To Keep Sunless Tans Long-Lasting And Looking Lovely

With skin cancer rates continuously climbing, more people are choosing to skip tanning outside or in tanning beds, and opting for the much safer, healthier version of beautiful bronzed skin: sunless tanning.

Whether via sunless tanning lotion or spray tanning, it’s now entirely possible to achieve the sun-kissed glow you desire in a safer, faster and controlled manner, eliminating the sunburn risks that come with outdoor tans. Sunless tanning has become more popular than ever for these reasons, with many celebrities talking openly about having it done before award ceremonies and big events.

So how do the professionals ensure a smooth, even, high-quality sunless tan, and how do we keep it lasting as long as possible? Check out the helpful tips below to find out.

1. Proper Preparation

You’ll want your skin to be in the perfect condition to accept sunless tanning solution, and this involves exfoliation of all dead skin cells and moisturizing skin.

Without exfoliation, spray tanned skin may slough off post-tanning session where dry patches were previously, leaving you splotchy and pale in places, so be sure to scrub your skin a few days before. But don’t exfoliate immediately before sunless tanner is applied, as this can cause irritation and uneven spots.

Moisturize skin well a few days before to prime it for your upcoming tanning lotion or spray tan application, but not immediately before, as this can prevent the tanner from absorbing properly.

2. Carefully Color

Once you’ve gone too far, you’ll have to live with the citrusy orange appearance you’ve created until it fades, so it’s always best to progress slowly when using any type of sunless tanning solution. You want to look like you spent a week on a beach vacation, not like you drink too much carrot juice, after all.

So take it slow when starting out and remember, you can always apply more sunless tanner or schedule another spray tan session. It’s better to need a second application than to regret going too heavy with the first one.

Also; remember to pull back your hairline when applying sunless tanner to eliminate a mask-like facial appearance, and wash hands well afterward to avoid staining.

3. Comfy Clothing

If you’re applying self-tanning lotion or receiving a spray tan, try to wait as long as possible before getting dressed after application, as clothing can absorb the lotion, giving you an uneven effect.

When you get dressed, remember to choose loose-fitting, baggy clothing made from natural fibers, such as a thin cotton. The more breathable and flowing your post-sunless tanning session clothes are, the less likely they’ll be to ruin your results.

Another tip: Wear dark clothing anytime sunless tanner is applied to your body to hide stains, and bring flip-flops for your feet.

4. Awesome After-Care

Once you’ve achieved the color you’ve been seeking, you’re going to want to keep it for as long as possible, without streaks and fading. This sunless tan maintenance is easily achievable if you can remember a few important things.

First; don’t shower for at least 8 hours – maybe even 12 if you can take it. This will give the tanner time to properly develop and set. You worked hard for this lovely color, so don’t rinse it off.

Second; when you do shower, avoid overly hot water or harsh soaps and body washes that can pull the color out of your skin. Be gentle, and moisturize after bathing.

Third, avoid exfoliating and scrubbing of skin, as this can cause blotchiness and faster fading. And skip all chlorinated pools or hot tubs, as these will also hasten your return to the land of the pasty.

5. Marvelous Maintenance

By using tan-extending products, anyone can lengthen the life of a sunless tan. There are even exfoliators made specifically for those with spray tans, and lotions made to boost self-tanning gradually to keep the desired color.

While exfoliation is recommended against for those with sunless tans, it can be used to remove color from areas that are commonly too-dark, such as elbows, knees and wrists.

If you get spray tans, don’t forget that you can extend the life of your investment with sunless tanning lotions and moisturizers that offer slow color-building.

It’s also important to remember that sunless tanning methods like self-tanning lotions and spray tans provide no sun protection, so be sure to wear your usual SPF to avoid the sun damage you’re wisely skipping by choosing sunless tanning.

Eat healthfully and stay hydrated to keep skin radiant from within, and use the tips above to achieve and keep the beautiful, bronze glow you’ve been seeking.

Lindsay Porter is a professional blogger that shares her knowledge of healthy skin care, spray tanning and more with readers. She writes for Spray Tan Solutions Direct.