Top 10 Safari Holiday Destinations

In the exotic language of Swahili ‘Safari’ translates into ‘journey’ and travelling thousands of miles to experience the wildlife and natural environment of an African outback is truly the ultimate journey of mind and soul.
Here we look at some of the top Safaris. The first question for any keen traveller should surely be not ‘where?’ but ‘what?’. What kind of safari are you looking to experience?

  • African Safari: Africa offers a plethora of landscapes and wildlife. But surely the most familiar wildlife safari must include lions. Lions are found on almost every reserve in sub-saharan Africa so there are plenty of options to choose from. Choose to go on an early morning trip for the best chances of seeing these incredible mammals.
  • India Safari: India is the destination for tigers. If your love of the wild isn’t satiated by lions then opt for this most majestic of creatures – the tiger. Ranthambore, Khana and Kaziranga in India are key habitats for the tiger and you may expect to see the Asian rhino too.
  • Rwandan Safari: The David Attenborough in all of us must surely come to the fore when we consider embarking upon a safari to see gorillas. These awe-inspiring animals are rare to spy but can be found on a trek through Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. Well worth the journey.
  • Mahale Mountains National Park Safari: Based in far west Tanzania, this park is one of the places to head for to safari with chimpanzees. Mischievous though they are, this holiday will be more than memorable.
  • Alaskan Safaris: Not all safaris are based in warmer climes. Head for Alaska and even Vancouver Island for a close encounter with marine life of all kinds.
  • Antarctic Safari: And on the subject of marine life there are some spectacular experiences to be had in the Antarctic Peninsula where you can see whales in the most wildest of habitats.
  • Galapagos Islands Safari: This must surely be one of the key locations to head for to see giant turtles. There you can be aghast at the age and magnificence of these near prehistoric creatures.
  • South African Safari: If watching animals from afar is just not ‘hands-on’ enough for you then why not try a safari that involves close interaction with a herd of elephants. Many holiday companies head for South Africa and Botswana for these ‘up close and personal’ encounters.
  • Borneo Safari: Again made famous by the reports of Attenborough and his own love affair with an Orang-Utan, Borneo is still a popular destination to learn more about these creatures.
  • British Safaris: Not all safaris need be exotic – if you have a specific interest in birds then there are plenty of leisurely bird watching holidays to choose from that will offer memorable breaks away from the hubbub of city life. Almost every continent has its own special species to watch for including Britain.

When holidaying in exotic places you can be more at risk of illness infections abroad. Ensure you have all your vacinnations up to date to prevent you from catching the particularly nasty ones.

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