Ooh La La – Why Limousines Wear Berets

When talking about limousines, parties and proms will probably be the first things to pop into your head. However, a European country should really be at the top of that list. Limousines and the country of France are actually very closely intertwined and not just because of their mutual style.
Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
The word ‘limousine’ comes from the French ‘Limousin’, a region located south of Paris and north of Toulouse. The inhabitants of this region used a type of horse-drawn vehicle to get around, with a hood to protect themselves from adverse weather conditions. The French are always touted as fashion inspirations and it was this hood that gave rise to the term ‘limousine,’ a car where only the rear seats have covers. The first limousine was made in Arkansas, America and remained an exclusive item on the shopping list of the rich and wealthy. Years later and limousines have dwarfed into the huge vehicles we see today, but they still manage to retain a semblance of stately composure. Nowadays, such grandeur does not have to be limited to the vehicle itself and gliding round in a limousine can make you like you belong on the set of Downton Abbey. The vehicles have moved on with time and are no longer limited to those lucky few; they are available for everyone to enjoy.
Va Va Voom
While you may not be in France, riding round in a luxury vehicle can help you to escape it all and feel like you are on holiday. Whether you are looking for transportation for a wedding, prom, or a hen or stag do, limousines can cater to all of these needs. Interiors range from plush, posh to vividly bright and you can choose whichever suits the occasion. If you really want to, you can hire a vehicle with enforced armoured protection to make you feel like the President. Who knows, by the end of the night you may even be delivering a rousing speech to a large crowd! When faced with one of these vehicles, we tend to lose sight of the original definition and focus simply on the size and comfort. Tracing the meaning of the word shows how special these vehicles initially were and allows us to appreciate them that little bit more. So why not channel some French fashion and become elegant and poised by going for a spin in a status symbol vehicle. Unless, of course, taking a backseat, relaxing and enjoying the free champagne is more your style.
If you are aiming to feel stylish or simply want to have a good party, hiring a limousine can be the perfect way to achieve either of these goals. Having amazing transport can help your day, or evening, get off to the best possible start.
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