Three Android Apps to Improve the Performance of Your Phone

You use apps for just about everything on your Android. Whether it’s to check the weather or the score of the baseball game, apps have become an integral part of our lives for productivity and information. Many people feel like they couldn’t live without their smartphones, and for many people that may actually be true.
One often-overlooked app segment is performance apps. These aren’t apps that help with your job performance or something of the like. Instead, these are apps that help with the performance of your phone itself. From apps that help save space on your phone to apps that dramatically improve your battery life, these Android apps are must haves for any Android user. Below is a list of the top Android apps to help improve performance.
Snapdragon BatteryGuru
The Snapdragon BatteryGuru app is hands down one of the most advanced yet easy to use apps to improve your Android’s performance. There’s a reason many reviews on the Google Play store call it the best battery app Android, because it really helps improve your battery life while working in the background.
Simply install Snapdragon BatteryGuru on your phone and let it go to work. The phone will learn your smartphone habits in a few days, and then work in the background to adjust certain settings on your phone based on your user habits. For example, the app may be able to sense when you stop using your phone each day and go to bed, and thus will shut down certain functions in order to save the battery. It will then start your phone up again in the morning, and you won’t even notice a difference. It’s a great app that will dramatically improve the life of your smartphone battery.
SD Speed Increase
If your phone has an SD card, slow transfer rates might be something that you’re constantly dealing with which can cause serious headaches. This problem can be solved by downloading a free app called SD Speed Increase. SD Speed Increase optimizes the cache size of your SD card, meaning your transfers will occur at a much quicker rate.
The app is very easy to use, as all you need to do in order to change the cache size is to slide a bar across the screen. The selected cache size will then be set whenever you reboot your phone. This is a fantastic app that solves a serious problem that Android users complain about, and that’s slow SD transfer speeds.
Android Assistant
Android Assistant is essentially an all in one app that gives you performance related information about your Android. The app tracks the health of your Android and offers performance related tweaks to help the device run better.
The app shows you things such as the total free memory on the device, CPU usage and battery info. The tools menu helps you clear caches and does other useful things like multiple app uninstalls. Just about every single Android user could benefit from downloading Android Assistant.
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