Tips For Hiring A Limo Service For The Prom

If you are getting ready to go to the prom or another special dance, you could be thinking about hiring a limousine. If you have never hired a limo service before, however, you could be wondering how to get started. Luckily, following these steps will help ensure that you have success with renting a limo for your big night.

Plan Ahead

Many limo services get booked relatively quickly, so you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to hire one. If you can hire one as soon as possible, you will help cut down on the chances that the limo service will already be fully booked.

Determine Who Will Be Riding With You

Sharing a limo with several friends is a good way to cut costs, and you can also have a lot of fun while riding with all of your buddies to the big dance. It is a good idea to come up with a list of people who will be riding along. Then, you can make sure that you rent a limo that offers enough room for everyone to sit comfortably, and you can figure out how much each person or couple will have to pay for the ride.

Figure Out Money Matters

You don’t want to wait until the night of the dance to figure out how much each person is going to pay. Once you have an idea of how many people will be along for the ride, you should contact the limo company to find out about the sizes of the limo. Then, you can find out how much your limo rental will cost, and you can divide the cost among the number of people or couples that will be attending.

You will have to determine how you will handle payment as well. For example, will one person pay with a debit card and then be reimbursed by the other passengers? If you are weary about getting stuck with the entire bill, you should think about asking the other passengers to pay up-front or to give you a portion of the cost before you book. If you feel confident that everyone will pay, however, you can cover the cost and then ask to be reimbursed later.

Determine Where to Meet

You will probably have to spend a lot more if you ask the driver to pick each passenger up at his or her house, so you may want to request that everyone meets at one location to get on board of the limo. Many people choose to meet at one person’s house; then, vehicles can be left safely and everyone can get in the limo together.

Book Your Limo

After you have all of the basics figured out, you should rent your limo immediately. Give the limo driver the location and time to pick everyone up, and consider leaving a bit of leeway in time just in case something happens. Also, mention if you will be needing a ride directly to the dance or if you will be stopping to eat somewhere first. If possible, it is best for your limo driver to know all of the details well before the big night.

Renting a limo service for your prom night or for another special dance can be a lot of fun, and following these tips will help ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

The research and information in this article is provided by Larry Smith, a writer for Speedy Limo. Larry provodes consulting and managing services to small and mid size clients on all aspects of online marketing and web design. You can find more of his posts on Facebook and Twitter.