Launch of Sony Playstation 4 sees Game Addicts going Crazy

Following a long wait of several years, finally Sony released the Playstation 4 across North American stores from the midnight of November 14. The next-gen gaming console is available at $400 from the retailers across the country. The proposed European launch of the console is about to take place on November 29. The Manhattan Standard High Line Hotel in New York served as the venue for the elaborate launch. The Japanese company actually rented out the entire hotel and set up a cool video game light show on the hotel walls. The venue also served to provide over 500 gamers with their pre-ordered version of PS 4.

The fans began coming from Wednesday, waiting for 24 hours in the cold to pick up their consoles. There were also arrangements of a live TV show at the GTTV game show of the Spike TV, hosted by Geoff   Keighley. The game show exhibited exclusive clips from the latest uncharted PS 4 gaming extravaganza and informed the fans on the downloadable content from Last of Us. The gamers have been waiting for long for the latest virtual experience through the most advanced gaming technology.

The PS4 features eight ‘Jaguar’ cores or digital processing brains developed by Advanced Micro Device. Also, the core graphics design comprises of AMD (Radeon ) Graphics Core Next. With 1080p resolution and a 60 fps speed, the console is promising gamers an experience that they cannot afford to miss. The same was evident at the craze in the venue. The marketing vice president of the US division for Sony games, Jon Koller noted that the features would provide a significant competitive edge over Microsoft X box latest version, Scheduled on a November 22 release.

The new console presents the Dualshock 4 controller over the Sinaxis controller of the PS3. The new controller features touch pads, share buttons and light sensors. The new console would consist at least 26 games including all of the major virtual experiences. Gamers can engage in the latest storylines of their favorite simulations including Killzone, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin’s Creed IV, Black Flag, and Shadow Fall among others. The PS4 would provide a better resolution compared to the MS machine, especially on Call of Duty: Ghosts, Koller confirmed.

Many notable representatives in the industry attended the inaugural launch. The worldwide Playstation business head, Andrew House and the North American head Jack Tretton autographed the first set sold at the event. Other persons present included the Bungie chief operating officer, Pete Parsons, Hideo Kojima, the designer of Metal Gear games, and Naughty Dog top officials. Brooklyn’s Joey Chiu was the first recipient of the new console. He said that he was looking forward to play Knack and he is not going to sell the console on ebay anytime soon. Sony offered him and the other first comers hotel rooms to accommodate for one day. The fans found this quite pleasant. It is now up to see how the market flares up after the release of the Microsoft gaming system. Observers are expecting to see interesting trends in the coming months.  Entertainment 1