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Safety Tips for the Whole House

So you have the electric security fence, the house and perimeter alarm, the CCTV cameras and the dog who barks at the slightest rustle in the breeze… But what about the basics?
Let’s take a look at some of the simpler tips and tricks to ensure your home remains a (comfortable) fortress.

  • Make sure your exit doors are made of solid wood or reinforced with metal.
  • Install a security gate for your front and back doors.
  • Install burglar bars over your windows.
  • If there are glass panels near to your exit doors, ensure that they are reinforced so that they cannot be smashed in order to reach the door handle.
  • Don’t hide spare keys anywhere obvious, for example, underneath the door mat, in the pot plant, on the door or window ledge, in the postbox, etc. Rather give the keys to a trustworthy neighbour.
  • Ensure that outside lights are installed so that your path to the house is illuminated.

Furthermore, it is important to light up the dark spaces in your garden and around your house with flood lights or motion-sensitive lights.

  • Keep your hedges from becoming overgrown so that no intruders can hide in them.
  • The window that you leave open for the cats is small enough that intruders will not be able to use it to get in.
  • Store any valuable equipment in your shed/garage when you’re finished using it. Don’t leave belongings out on display.
  • Check the locks on any outdoor buildings for rust and replace if necessary. Also ensure that your shed/garage door is not becoming rotten, which would make it much easier to kick in.
  • Replace cracked glass panes.
  • If you go away on holiday, set your lights on a timer to go on in the morning and evenings. This creates the impression that there is somebody at home, and can act as a deterrent to potential burglars.
  • Label all your valuable items with an engraving or microdot, for example. This way, even if it does get stolen, it is much easier to trace the stolen goods back to you.
  • When away from home for a long period of time, adjust the ringing volume of your landline. A quieter telephone means that thieves will not be alerted to the fact that you’re on holiday.
  • Don’t leave valuables within sight of your windows.
  • Don’t leave your wheelie bin within distance of your upper floor windows or balcony. Intruders can use it to get a boost in order to access the second floor.
  • Tell the post office to hold your mail when you’re away for longer than a few days. A post box filled with mail is a dead giveaway that nobody’s home.
  • Don’t label your house keys with your address in case you lose them. Rather provide a name and contact number.

So there you have it. Just a few tips to keep in mind and keep you safe!

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Grace Matthews is a London-based lifestyle blogger who knows that she can rely on the locksmiths on assist 247 for the times she loses her keys back home in Cape Town.