The Amazing iPod Nano | Features and price

Now it’s finally time for Apple to change the cards on the table for the line up of iPods, one of its symbol devices which has undergone many different embodiments. Cupertino’s love for music is very well known and I can say with some confidence that in a world where almost all portable music comes from smartphones, iPods maintain their place of law as can be besieged. The first device has revolutionized the colorful iPod Nano from Tesco which now seems like a really small phone. Its display which has become “magically” a widescreen can now read movies. The monitor has become the largest express wish of Apple which is realized as users experience this feature.
If we talk about the actual data then the first thing we say is the multitouch 2.5″ which is really nice and very colorful. The body of the new iPod Nano is strongly influenced by the tonnage of the display and then it became longer than the previous one but it is also the thinnest iPod ever made. We speak of only 5.4 mm, 38% less. It is lightweight, small and really comfortable and perfect for jogging. Especially if you take into consideration that the pedometer to count your steps is integrated.
The controls of “physical” type are on its side. In front there is also a home button exactly as if it were a small iPhone. The back will be well out of the shell in seven beautiful colors. By popular demand it finally arrives with Bluetooth and the ability to listen with headphones or a wireless speaker but there is also the new Lightning connector. If you get fed up of your music collection, don’t worry. There is also the FM tuner.
We mentioned that it looks like a small iPhone but if we really have to be honest it looks more like a miniature hybrid between an Apple smartphone and a Nokia Lumia. The Apple fans will probably be mad after this joke!
The new iPod Touch costs $ 149 and is already available on stores.