How to Design Your Baby Nursery on a Budget

Designing your baby’s nursery can be expensive. Like all parents, you want the best for your baby, but sometimes that falls just out of the realm of affordable. There are just so many things to spend money on when the baby arrives, and if you spend your entire budget on the baby room, your baby might have to wear a potato sack for his or her first few years of life!
Creating the perfect baby nursery without going over budget is not hard, and in fact there are tons of ways to design a nursery worthy of HGTV without spending lots of money. Of course, you can click here to check out a contest where you can win $10,000 to put towards a nursery makeover, but if you don’t win don’t be sad. Check out these tips on how to design a beautiful baby room without breaking the bank.
Convertible Crib
One of the most expensive things that goes into designing the baby room is purchasing the crib. Cribs can easily be a few hundred dollars, and as your baby grows from infant to toddler you have to upgrade it in size.
A convertible crib is a great solution to this problem, as it essentially grows with your child. You wont need to buy a new bed for three to four years, meaning you’ll get a lot of use out of the convertible crib. Some convertible cribs even concert into twin or full size beds, meaning it’ll last all the way until your baby leaves for college!
Hanging Décor
Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on some fancy mobile. Do it yourself! Go to the craft store, and search around to get ideas for some great décor that you can do yourself. It will mean more, too.
Check paper lanterns, as you can get them in a variety of colors and sizes. Hang them up together to create a beautiful scene in your baby’s nursery. Get your creative juices flowing, and you’ll have a great baby room without spending hundreds of dollars on expensive décor.
Changing Table
Next to the crib, the changing table is one of the most expensive costs for your baby’s room. They also take a lot of space, making the baby’s nursery seem crowded and cluttered. Solve both of those problems by getting a dresser that doubles as a changing table.
There are these products on the market, but you can also make one yourself if you feel so inclined. Make sure the changing table is at a comfortable height so you won’t be straining your back while changing your baby. It’s very important that if you make this product yourself that you make sure it’s comfortable for your baby, and is sanded down and smoothed at the very least so as not to harm that precious bottom. Paint the changing table with stencils and bright colors to add some splash to your baby’s room!
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