5 Tips For Successful Website Redesign

5 Tips for Successful Website Redesign

There are some things that need to be changed with the changing times and trends. A website is one of those things. It’s important for a website development company to keep their website updated with the latest tricks and trends. Here are some tips that will website design companies in redesigning a website:

1. Understanding your Target Audience

The aesthetic appeal of your website is crucial, but avoid choosing designs based on what looks and feels good to you because your company’s website isn’t for you. It’s for your target audience. If it doesn’t connect with the people who will be directed there, it won’t help you improve conversion rates. A poor understanding of your target market will turn your website from a money making an investment into a depreciating asset.Develop data-driven marketing personas and take your exploration of the market one step further. Find out what other sites your audience engages with or improve the flow and user experience of the ones that gather the most attention. The audience may be different for different parts of your website. Your homepage may target several audience-types and lead them to specific content deeper within the website.

2. Responsiveness

Buyers are increasingly using smartphones and tablets to find information online, and companies that don’t optimize their website from screen to screen are losing out. If you walked into a store that was messy and unorganized and had salespeople who are least bothered, you’d probably leave immediately to shop somewhere else that was easier to navigate. Use a design that is responsive to create a site that can be altered to fit a variety of screen sizes and be sure to incorporate behavior patterns of mobile users into your redesign strategy. As part of your redesign, lighten the load on your site and ensure it appears properly on a variety of devices and browsers. In addition to load time, look at the structure of your website. Use this as a chance to make your site easier for visitors to move around, instead of making them jump through hoops to become a customer. Visual design choices are often the first to cross your mind when it comes to website redesigns, and for good reason: the visual experience of a website is significant.

3. Functionality

Most of the visitors will abandon your website if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load. That’s why it’s crucial to put user experience and functionality as your top priority. If it doesn’t work to improve the average user’s interaction with your website, then it shouldn’t exist. Use Google’s PageSpeed tool so you can analyze the site speed and optimize for best results. It’s not too late to prevent people from leaving your website too soon.

4. Competitor Analysis

Keep a check on the websites of your key competitors. Note the aspects and functionality that you like or dislike, examine the layout of their pages and expected user flow. Competitor Analysis isn’t about stealing their ideas, this is about figuring out how you’re going to make your site better than the competition, and ensuring you avoid their shortcomings. It’s all about how you are going to make changes in your website in order to compete with the other websites.

5. Mapping your Flow

Creating a visual sitemap using a tool won’t take too long and makes it clear for everyone who is viewing it.  Creating a sitemap early on in the website redesign process will ensure you avoid cannibalizing content and support user flows. While the appearance of a website is important, the user experience needs to be the priority. As with most things on this list, the more effort you put into user flow, in the beginning, the less you’ll be worrying about it later. Think about the final action that you want the user to take before they leave your site. Make it as simple and logical as possible for the user to get to where they want to go.

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