Christmas Decorations For Your Windows And Doors

The festive season is well and truly upon us and it’s finally time to start decking the halls with boughs of holly. Most of us have bags full of tinsel, lights, Christmas ornaments and decorations for the tree just waiting to be broken out, but none of these will be seen from outside. If you want to give the outside of your home as festive a look as the inside, you can focus your energy on windows and doors for a classy, Christmassy look.
Winter Wonderland Windows
Your windows are the main features of your house’s façade and as they are usually lit up from the inside, any decorations on the windows are more likely to be seen by passers-by. For a simple but elegant appearance, you can light a candle in each of your windows. In Ireland, a candle was always lit in one of the front windows as a sign of welcome to Mary and Joseph and the lit candle remains a welcoming sight these days, regardless of your beliefs, as it signifies warmth and life. If you do choose to light candles in your windows, use hurricane vases and quench the candles if you’re leaving the house to prevent accidents.
If you position your Christmas tree by one of the front windows, people will be able to see it from outside and its lights and decorations will lend an inviting and attractive appearance to both the interior and exterior. You can also hang decorations inside the window, which will be seen from outside. Snowflakes are easy to make out of paper and would make for a fitting window adornment.
Door Decorations
For most people, Christmas is a time of family and friends. Our busy schedules during the rest of the year mean that we don’t get to see our loved ones half as often as we’d like, but at Christmas, it’s common for people to go visiting relatives and friends. All visitors to your home will be welcomed at your front door, so you should give it a festive look by embellishing it with some choice decorations. A Christmas wreath is great for a front door – most garden centres or florists will stock professionally-made wreaths or you can make one at home with a wire hanger, holly, some craft supplies and your imagination.
Your windows and doors are like the facial features of your house’s façade, so you can spruce up the external appearance of your house this festive season by beautifying them with lights, decorations, wreaths and whatever else might take your fancy!
This article was written by homemaker Siobhan Healy who has already decorated her windows Dublin for Christmas.