5 Healthy Habits Of Celebrities That Keep Them On!

Celebrity figures are renowned for keeping fit and healthy in order to maintain a perfect image as their lives are constantly in the public eye. For those of us keen to look and feel healthy and in shape, we can follow their routines and regimes. Here are five healthy habits of celebrities that keep them on!

Home Work Out!

  • This is a pretty simple and totally accessible method of working out that anyone can do!
  • Lots of celebrities prefer to avoid public gyms or doing exercise outdoors because they are often hounded by fans or paparazzi wanting to catch them all sweaty and puffed out.
  • Therefore, many of them stay at home and use online or DVD work-out videos that enable them to shed a few pounds in the comfort of their own home.
  • Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Mel B. and Paula Abdul all have their own work out videos which you can purchase to use at home.
  • This enables you to work out when you like, wearing what you like and for as much time as you can manage.
  • You are able to avoid the embarrassment of being out of time with the music and having sweat patches; it’s a great alternative to a crowded gym!

Going Gluten-Free!

  • Many celebrities have opted for a diet that is free of gluten.
  • Some people don’t eat gluten because they have celiac disease and are therefore intolerant however; many also optionally remove it from their diet.
  • These celebrities include Miley Cyrus, Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham.
  • Being gluten-free can help with a whole range of issues including; digestive problems, neurological issues, inflammation and low energy levels.

Regular Check-ups!

· Staying in tune with your body is very important.

· Many celebrities are able to stay healthy because they have access to great physicians and personal trainers who are able to keep a constant check on them.

· Many of us can also use the resources available locally to us such as doctors, nurses, nutritionists, psychologists and more health care experts, both in the UK and abroad if you have an EHIC card.

Try the Paleo Diet!

  • This diet is being used by a lot of celebrities at the moment, including Megan Fox and Gary Barlow.
  • The diet includes lots of proteins and fresh fruit and vegetables but no carbs!
  • The principle is that we should eat how humans did back in the Paleolithic (Cave man) era – no fast food, dairy, carbs, beans or potatoes!
  • It is a pretty good way to lose weight because you still able to enjoy a good steak!

Use Supplements!

  • Another fast-growing trend among celebrities is the use of supplements and vitamins.
  • These include amino acids, thermogenesis, whey protein, multivitamins and energy drinks.
  • These supplements are proven to make you feel healthier overall and give you a daily energy boost.
  • Feely healthy on the inside can make you look great on the outside!

Try these five healthy tips to be just like your favourite celebrity! They are all fool-proof regimes that are completely do-able by anyone in their own home and in their own time. Make them fit around your schedule, just like Angelina Jolie or Jenifer Aniston. You’ll soon find a great change in how you feel about your body; being more healthy means being more confident.