Some Quick Weekend Home Improvement Tips On A Budget

Home improvements can range between a massive work over and changing a door knob. However, it is possible to transform any room in the house over a weekend and on a strict budget.

Entry Enhancement

A quick lick of paint on the front door can change the look of the home from tired to welcoming. Just check at the weekend weather that it won’t rain during the period when the paint needs to dry. Clean and sand down the old paint and fix any cracks with wood filler or putty. Take your time and paint carefully with primer, undercoat and gloss to finish. Rub away any paint smears around the door knobs your door is as good as new.


Even the smallest chips and stains on a backsplash make a kitchen look scruffy. Get rid of the old, cracked tiles and replace them with a new look. Unless you are an expert at tiling and grouting, don’t put in a new set of tiles. Fit in a single piece backsplash that could be made of durable plastic, high grade glass, bead board, steel or tin. These come in many different shapes and patterns and will add some extra character to the kitchen sink.

Architectural Features

Are you bored of staring at dead straight, rectangular walls and square spaces? These can become very depressing and cell-like. Soften a room up with a few architectural details such as coving. It immediately transforms the style of a room. Match the coving to the ceiling and use a contrasting colour for the walls. Once you have mastered the coving, add some curvature to straight baseboards for a glorious effect at floor level.


Headboards can often wear away faster than a mattress and bed frame. Instead of buying anew bed when you don’t need to, replace the headboard. Either find a budget model that fits and look good from a local shop or make one yourself. Think about measuring out a piece of strong plywood or a firm piece of wood you may have from old doors or shelving, to fit the size of headboard you would like. Cover it with the material of your choice. This could be a silky sheen, brocade, velvet or any other textile, all of which can be bought with a foam backing for comfort. Alternatively, you could buy some folk craft woven mats to fit on the board. Paint two wooden or steel poles a colour that matches the board cover, attach them to the back of the head and fix to the frame of the bed until secure.


Illumination changes the character of any space. Major changes in lighting fixtures have to be carried out by a qualified electrician. But anyone can change the shades around a light to match a room’s new ddcor. Buy a slim, tall lamp that shines light towards the ceiling to give a subtle effect. You may even have an old chandelier that you can polish up or paint.


Small changes such as painting a front door, adding architectural features or repairing headboards make an instant improvement to any home. Follow on with some new soft furnishing such as cushions, or change the cheap duvet cover sets you have to something matching the new colour scheme.
Helena Robins is an interior designer who specialises in soft furnishings. She has designed some of the best cheap duvet cover sets and cushions that are available in high street stores and online.