How To Choose The Right Server Room Design Company For Your Business

If you are looking for the right server room design company in UK then the basic aspect you should consider is its environmental effects. This is the right time when you can make a perfect choice by opting for a server room design service that can design an eco-friendly server room, which not only reduces the amount of emission produced but also saves a good amount of energy. The other key factor that you got to analyze includes the sustainability of your server room design. It includes the long term compatibility, designing and managing a space for server, selecting right types of server cabinets and racks, and energy-efficient cooling system. Simultaneously, you can think of employing cloud computing as an alternative or complementary solution for your physical server room saving upon space and energy.

Environment-friendly Server Room

Before you install your server, you got to do an energy audit to ensure an environment friendly set up. You need to make a check on adequacy of ventilation, electrical connections, voltage, type and condition of wiring, and incidents of any previous or prospective leakage or structural damage. You should also test whether the available structure can afford the load of new installations.

Energy Efficiency

Your eco-friendly server room design must be supported with an effective and efficient cooling system. Use floor tiles, vents and some special safety plates splitting components to prevent heat build-up. Also, you can use blanking panels to insulate cables to control further heat loss. Use fans and sensors between different server racks, which can be positioned inside or outside cabinets or on the walls and servers to prevent the room from building heat.

Future Compatibility

You should select a server room design that keeps in view the future requirements of your expanding business networks. At its first stage, you should make a proper selection of type of server, cabinets, space, cooling system, wiring, and energy and space management.

Space Management

Managing space is one of the most crucial parts in creating an eco-friendly server room design. First of all, you have to look at the type of room available for the server room. Do you have your own building or you are sharing the office premises? Are you sharing the space with other companies or you have expansion plans for your business? In that case you might face problems with space availability. You have to keep all these issues and pre-plan an ideal space for your server in order to meet your future requirements.

Ideal Design of Cabinets and Racks

Selecting particular types of cabinets and racks is a decision that you got to take with careful comparisons. Select the cabinets and racks that match the storage capacity and power needs for your networks. The placement of your drivers and switches has to be well-planned keeping in view the scope for saving space and making way for proper ventilation. Top-of-rack stacked switches are ideal to save upon the space. However, longer end-of-row racks positioned side by side can be ideal for ventilation provided you have larger space. The design and placement of the cabinets should help proper circulation of air resulting into saving of electricity. Sliding drawers and cabinet shelves help in the free movement of air whereas floor-standing cabinets can be merged with mats to avoid static build-up. On the other hand, chassis runners and mounted server cabinets check heat build-ups on the floor.

Other Approaches

Using virtualization you can merge many servers into a single server, which is split to combine with different virtual servers. The virtual server runs off a single power source while doing various jobs within a network. This will not only save your server room space but also your costs on power and other accessories.

On the other hand, you can also opt for cloud computing for sustainable eco-friendly and efficient maintenance of your networks.

Mercury Power – An Ideal Server Room Design Company in UK

When you choose Mercury Power Ltd as your server room design company, it helps you in all aspects making the best decision to build up and support your server room.