Moving College Students

Moving College Students

The first year of college can be both exciting and terrifying for both students and parents.  For many students, it is the first time they will be living on their own.  Living on campus allows a greater amount of freedom, but students will have to learn how to manage their own schedules and adjust to life with a roommate they have yet to meet.  This means they will have to establish house rules for everyday cleaning tasks and arrange what items each person will bring to make life more comfortable.
Most parents can recall the rush of emotions that come along with moving day and want to make sure their children will be prepared for life in the dorms.  For the soon to be college student, here are a few key items and tips that can make this transition significantly easier.

What to Bring

Of course, students know they need to pack their wardrobe and favorite items that remind them of home, but there are also a few household items and pieces of furniture which can make your dorm room homier.  First off, you will want to bring your own set of dishes to keep in the room.  Although the cafeteria provides most meals, every student keeps snacks in their room, meaning you need something to eat with.  It is also wise to invest in a microwave and mini-fridge so you can accommodate a wider variety of snack foods.
Like most dorm rooms, your bed is one of the largest pieces of furniture in the room.  Investing in quality bedding and pillows will ensure you rest well and feel more comfortable in your new space.  If square footage is an issue, you may want to look at a loft bed to maximize the space.  This will allow more room to add a desk or a futon making it easier to work and lounge in your dorm room.
When it comes to decorating your room, it is the little touches that truly make it feel like home.  Hanging a message board on your door means you will never miss someone who stops by while you are in class or away for the weekend.  You may also want to bring a few posters and pictures to surround yourself with your favorite people and things.

How to Pack

Packing is one of the most difficult and tedious parts of any move.  No one enjoys packing and there are short cuts you can take, such as hiring a moving company to take care of all the arrangements.  For a nominal fee, the movers will come in and pack up all your belongings before relocating you.  This can be a huge time saver and stress reliever.
If you are more sentimental and want to take care of the packing yourself, it is best to utilize things you are already planning to bring to the dorm.  Packing things into suitcases, duffel bags, laundry baskets, drawers, and other storage spaces will reduce the number of boxes you will need.  When packing up your clothes, rolling your items will reduce the amount of space they take up and the number of wrinkles.  It makes it much simpler to unpack and eliminates the need to iron your clothing once you settle in.

How Parents Can Prepare for the Big Day

As a parent, you can do a few things so that your children will adjust more quickly to life away from home.  Most parents enjoy the preparation and shopping that goes along with the big move; this can be a great bonding activity before they head off to school.  It also provides the parents some peace of mind knowing that their children will have all the necessities and other comforts of home.  One of the most important things to do is choose a reliable moving company to help with the transition.
Students will be able to keep in touch via email and phone calls, so make sure your children have a plan which allows them to call as often and talk as long as they want.  It’s comforting to know your parents are only a phone call away when the stress becomes overwhelming.  Purchasing memberships to discount clubs and auto clubs can also be a great housewarming present.
It allows students to purchase in bulk to reduce food costs and provide roadside assistance in case of emergency.  It can be very difficult when your children leave the nest, but knowing that these services are available eliminates the greatest concerns many parents have when their children leave home.

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Written by Austin Lewis. Austin is the Sales Manager at Shleppers Moving & Storage.