Making And Buying Inexpensive Home Decor

There is a fine line between affordable and cheap that makes the difference of whether or not your home décor ends up being efficient and trendy or cheap and tacky.
Here are some tips on how you can lean more towards the cheap décor that is still nice and trendy rather than leaning on the tacky side, because if something looks even a little bit tacky the whole effect looks tacky.

  • The Real Thing

Before looking for a knock off version of the décor you want, try looking for deals, coupons, and sales on the real thing. If you can get the real thing for a good price you do not have to worry about it looking cheap and tacky.

  • Imitating

If you are not able to find the real thing for a good price then you can start looking for things that look somewhat similar for a better price.
Imitating or making your own décor is a great way to save money but it can be difficult to make it look exactly the same.
If you cannot make it look exactly the same, don’t keep trying because you will end up with something that looks like a cheap beat up version of whatever it is you are trying to create.
Instead, use the original as an idea and then create something that looks nice based on what you can do and what still looks sleek, designed, and nice.

  • Trying Something New

Instead of trying to make a knock off version of the more expensive décor, maybe you can try something new. Try making something with the supplies you already have or with things you can buy for a good price. Base a home décor idea or craft on the things you already have or can easily purchase.
Here are more general tips on making sure your décor does not end up looking cheap and tacky.

  • When using Styrofoam as a base for anything make sure it is completely covered with fabric, lace, paint, flowers, etc. (Styrofoam usually looks cheap)
  • When using cheap paint, be sure to use a good brush that will not leave lines.
  • Try a little bit first. Instead of glopping on huge amounts of paint or chopping a chunk of wood off always start with a little bit first to make sure you know what you are doing and that it is what you want. For example, it may not be the exact color of paint you want which means if you use only a little it is not a big disaster if it ends up being the wrong color.
  • Fake flowers can look nice if you arrange them closer together and they do not look like they are just hanging by themselves in odd wire bent shapes.
  • If you are going to use fake flowers, then embrace the fake flowers and add fun things like feathers, pearl and jewel sprays, and other fun embellishments. This looks much nicer than trying to make fake flowers look like they are real.

Madison is a content creator who likes to write about crafts, home décor, and weddings.