Understanding The Benefits Of Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy is the process of using carefully placed magnets on the body, in specific locations, to promote healing. The therapy is thought to date back to around 2000 BCE in China and was found in The Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine, where the use of magnets to correct health imbalances is discussed.  It was thought that as the blood was filled with iron, the magnets placed on different areas of the body could penetrate through the skin and into the tissue surrounding the blood stream. Doing so would cause the iron in the blood to be attracted to the magnet and cause movement within the blood stream to be localised to the area where the magnet is placed. Causing increase in the blood flow would distribute oxygen, nutrients and hormones to vital organs and tissues more effectively.

What can it do for my body?

The idea behind magnetic therapy is quite simple. The theory states that by placing a magnet on an area of the body will draw blood to that area and enhance a calming and healing effect on the muscles and tissues. Essentially, magnetic therapy is used to help with the body’s own healing process as well as to improve the flow of oxygen in the blood around the body. It is also thought that magnetic therapy is another solution to painkillers, by helping to produce more endorphins which are the body’s natural pain killers. Inflammation can also be eased by causing the damaged cells to react to the magnetic field created by the magnets and realigning the ions into the correct position. This process can start removing the excess fluid from within the cells. The damaged cells are refreshed with a rich supply of oxygen and nutrients and this boosts the healing process.

Magnet therapy is also said to promote good sleep as the magnets can influence the production of melatonin in the body. This hormone tells us to go to sleep and wake up.
Other benefits of magnet therapy include helping with weight loss, through increasing the blood and oxygen circulation around the body to improve metabolism. For joint issues such as arthritis and rheumatic pains, you can wear magnetic bracelets that are close-fitting.

Magnet therapy is thought to help with depression by helping to bring a balance between the hormone and biochemical reactions in the body and brain through producing more negative ions, a lack of which can cause hyper-function syndrome, or “irritation syndrome”.Even though they are 100% safe, it is advised that you do not use magnet therapy is you are using either a pacemaker or an internal insulin pump, as the magnet can influence the machine’s electronic mechanisms.

Magnetic jewellery is designed to help enhance a range of the benefits mentioned above; there are many more advantages to magnetic therapy and if you seek advice of a health professional, they would be able to help in choosing the correct piece of jewellery that can aid in healing any ailment you may have.

Harry Price is a full time writer that lives in a small costal town with his wife and his 3 dogs.  He finds his costal surroundings a great inspiration for his writing.