How To Optimize Social Media For Direct Sellers

More than any other sector of the industry, directs sales can benefit from understanding and using social media effectively. Whether you’re selling Newskin or doTERRA products, Mary Kay or Cutco, direct sales in today’s world depends heavily on making personal connections. Companies that move product through direct sales can lose their personal touch and customers when using the same techniques as everyone else.

Finding the Right Social Media Sales Strategy

There are tactics companies can use to sharpen their competitive edge, avoid cookie-cutter marketing campaigns, and develop personal connections.

  1. Video can be one of the most effective means of building one’s brand or making a personal connection. Facebook now allows people to stream live. Nothing creates a more intimate atmosphere than connecting live with your audience. It allows viewers to bond with your authenticity and respond on an emotional level. The emotional level is where people make buying decisions. The mind is the tool that rationalizes their decision.
  1. Direct selling companies can tap the power of emotions by streaming live on a regular basis. It can be a company CEO sharing the company’s story, or live streaming can give viewers access to sales training. Live streaming is great for offering tutorials as well. There is no downside to the live streaming process.
  1. Strategic content is important whether on a social media venue or a company website. Quality content is the type that people are willing to read and share within their own social circles. If posts do not contain valuable and useful information, visitors will soon stop paying attention. Direct selling companies should curate content that is both useful to customers and consultants.

Meaningful Community Engagement

How To Optimize Social Media For Direct Sellers

Consider two possible Facebook pages. One has posts, but no responses, videos, or live streaming. The other page has posts, video streaming, and customer engagement. It is not rocket science to imagine what page will get the most attention and responses.

The page with the most engaged audience is the one that people will keep coming back to visit. Venues like Pinterest and Instagram are excellent sources as well to share information and recruit new individuals. Today’s consumer is literally in charge over their own buying decisions. They want to create a bond before making those decisions.

Direct selling companies, and consultants, are encouraged to read, study, and stay vigilant in examining the practices that work for their competition. Direct selling companies can also consider the benefits of hiring social media experts who understand the industry and who can put together successful social media campaigns.



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