Most Popular Carport Designs

Next to our homes, our cars are one of the biggest purchases we make, and as such, we want to take good care of them. For some people, that means getting a house with a garage; for others a carport.
The various designs available make it easy to customize your choice in car storage and protection to your tastes, and there are more options now in the way of carport designs than there have ever been before.
Carports may not be the first thought in your mind when it comes to car storage, but it has distinct advantages over garages and some really cool designs.

Out With the Enclosed; In With the Convenient

While garages have the versatility to offer more uses than simply sheltering a car, eHow explains that most drivers won’t even go through the hassle of putting their car in the garage at all, making a carport a more practical and usable option.
The carport is there to provide protection from the elements, which it does, and it doesn’t require opening any doors or ensuring no one made a mess right in the middle of your parking space.
A carport is less likely than a garage to get cluttered up, making it the more practical option for car storage and protection.
Plus, you can make up for the loss of storage that would have been afforded by a garage by getting a shed in your backyard.

Welcome Home

Architect Christopher Gosch believes that carports welcome you to a home in a way that is not afforded by a garage, according to his interview with MSN Real Estate.
Some attached carport designs come off the front of the home rather than the side, leading you to a door set back in the carport. This creates a long, welcoming perspective on the home.
It’s almost like you are being beckoned in with open arms by the carport itself. Gosch explained that with garages, all you have is a blank face staring at you when you arrive, and there is nothing welcoming about that.
A carport is the opportunity to create a more welcoming aesthetic to your home.

A Temporary Home

Sometimes, you do not need a carport that will be there forever, and that’s okay because there is always the option of a detached carport.
These carports will not be structurally connected to your home itself, but can come in a variety of designs and materials so that the look of the carport next to your home flows nicely.
These structures are easily assembled on your property and if and when you decide you no longer need the carport, or perhaps you are moving it to another location—just to spice things up a bit—you have that option.
There are so many carport designs to choose from and knowing which is best for you and your home will depend largely on your intended use for the structure.
You will have to ask yourself first whether or not you will want this to be a permanent part of your home and then what you want the impression to be when people first see your home with your carport. With so many options, you will find the right one for you.

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