Safety Concerns To Keep In Mind For Your Business

Safety Concerns To Keep In Mind For Your Business

Your business can be a source of great personal satisfaction and financial advancement. However, along with these benefits come significant legal liability for any injuries that may occur during operations or from the products you make or sell. Your general liability insurance covers a variety of incidents, but your attention to a number of issues can help to minimize your exposure to lawsuits. Here are a few safety concerns to manage, to prevent lawsuits against your business.

Facilities Injuries

Timely building maintenance should be part of your operation’s regular schedule. Assign an individual to do a weekly inspection to ensure that building materials are in good condition and that wear or breakage is repaired as quickly as possible. Materials can break loose and cause head injuries. Floor damage can cause falls. These problems can be prevented with a regular inspection and maintenance routine.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Every business should always be aware of common hazards that may cause slip and fall injuries that are a common cause of lawsuits. Public areas should be kept clean and dry. You should remove any clutter that accumulates, such as boxes, tools, equipment or other items that can result in trips or falls. Place mats at doorways and clean up tracked-in rain and snow immediately. If there are any floor hazards that cannot be removed immediately, place a warning cone or other notification to alert visitors to the problem. Repair cracks in sidewalks or on stairways, and make sure handrails are secure.

Exposure to Toxic Substances

Business owners should ensure that visitors to the facility do not wander into work areas where they will be exposed to hazards such as toxic fumes, dust or other components that could cause respiratory problems. Mark hazardous areas and post a sign to prevent access by unauthorized individuals. Make sure your workplace is properly ventilated to prevent breathing injuries.

Defective Products

Establish a consistent quality control operation to ensure that products are properly manufactured and that defective products are removed from the supply chain. If a defect is reported, make every effort to recall the product, notifying customers in a prompt and responsible manner. If anyone has been injured, consult with a personal injury lawyer, like Alexander Law Group, to determine the extent of your liability.

Safety is an important concern in everyday life, and it becomes even more critical in your business. You can prevent lawsuits against your company if you integrate safety into your daily operations. By carefully monitoring such areas as facility maintenance, workplace safety and quality control, you can ensure that you, your workers and your customers will have a safe and positive experience at your business.