How To Use Your Phone To Change Your Life

When you’re ready to stop dreaming about the future and start making dreams become reality it’s time to pick up your phone. Smartphones can be used to change your life in a multitude of ways. Here are a few of the best ways to use a mobile device to start your own evolution.

Get in Shape

There are many kinds of apps that can help you get into shape:

  • My Fitness Pal monitors your eating and weight loss.
  • Zombies Run! 2 will get you motivated to run faster (from brain-eating zombies).
  • Pocket Yoga can help you reshape your body and become more flexible.

By utilizing fitness apps you can lose weight, feel better and fit back into your college clothes. Being healthy changes your life in many ways; namely, that you get to live longer.

Repair Your Reputation

If you have a reputation for running late, missing appointments or being a flake in general, then there are apps to help you get back into good graces. By utilizing your phone’s built-in alarm clock you can make sure you are up and ready early enough to be on time. By setting reminders you will never miss another appointment. Also, by using your calendar you can remember your appointments so that you never double-book dates, again.
By being more reliable and punctual you can prove to friends that you value them. This will lead to more invitations, stronger friendships and lasting employment. While these changes might manifest as stability, that is a huge change from disappearing, offended friends and getting fired.

Finally Have a Baby

Nothing changes a person’s life like finally having a baby. It can be difficult, but studies show that 95% of couples trying for two years will become pregnant. Here are a few apps to change your odds so that you can succeed:

  • Woman Calendar monitors fertility and ovulation, as well as cycles.
  • Mobile Mom is a simple approach to fertility calculations, only utilizing a period start date.
  • Ladytimer is an intense approach, which tracks everything from bloating to caffeine intake.

Don’t let mother nature take its (very slow) course: take control of the situation and change your life by getting pregnant, now.

Make More Friends

There are plenty of ways to make friends using your mobile device such as apps like Snapchat and Facebook. BlackBerry Mobile is also a great way to network with your peers. BBM for android uses up to 2,000 characters per message, which can come handy if you have a lot on your mind! Here are some other creative approaches to keeping up with friends on your mobile phone:

  • Start using MeetUp to find groups with similar interests.
  • Skout is a revolutionary way to connect with nearby strangers and make friends.

By making new friends you can enjoy your free time more and gain a better well-being. Having friends makes life’s downsides more bearable and changes your life by adding new, positive experiences and perspectives.
Changing is a slow process that requires dedication. Because of this, you might experience a few minor setbacks as you utilize your smartphone to change your life. However, if you stick with it you will eventually be happier, more fulfilled and better prepared for your future.