Tips For Saving On Your Energy Bills During Warm Months

Running your air conditioning during warm months can cost you a small fortune. Whether you’re using central air or smaller window units throughout your home following a few tips can cut your energy bills significantly.

Think of efficiency. Before you run up heavy energy bills you can likely do a few things differently to save money and keep cool. Using shades or blinds on your windows and reducing indoor lighting are two simple ways to keep things cool in your home.

Change Your Furniture Location

If your living room couch is positioned over your central air vents you’re likely wasting a ton of money. Obstructing air conditioning vents with couches and other household furniture cools off inanimate objects but does little to affect the home’s human and animal inhabitants. You can use plastic vents to direct air away from furniture but why not just switch around your interior décor to establish free air flow through your home? Stop wasting your air conditioning on furniture and start soaking up the chill.

Duct Check Time

Spend your money wisely by making sure your air feels chilled when it flows out of your vent. Check insulation around ducts in rooms where no openings are present. For example, check that ducts in your attic are properly insulated. You don’t want to pay for slightly chilled, or worse yet, warm air. Save on your energy bills by ensuring you have a steady flow of cool air traveling through your vents.


Perform basic maintenance or hire professionals to do maintenance on your air conditioning unit. A functioning, efficient cooling system cuts down significantly on energy bills. If you don’t clean and service your unit your system will need to work harder to cool your home. You may just need a bit of basic maintenance here and there but an annual full cleaning will boost your savings in the long run.

Go Warmer During Night Time Hours

You need not enter into a new Ice Age each night while huddling under heavy blankets. Smart homeowners set the thermostat at a comfortable temperature during night time hours to save money on energy bills. If you’re sleeping why do you need the same cool temperate you require when moving around during the day? Capitalize on drifting out of consciousness. Raise the temperature on your thermostat. You can raise the dial a few hours before bed to boost energy efficiency.

Control Lighting

Use shades and blinds to block out the sun and improve energy efficiency. Save on your bills by setting up a dark, cool environment for your family. Keep lights off during the day to lower the temperature levels in your home. Keep all windows closed during warm months unless you experience a temporary chill. Pay strict attention to times of day when your home receives maximum sunlight. Instead of dropping your thermostat and jacking up your energy bills during these periods of time move into different areas of your home to capitalize on shade.