3 Home Improvement Ideas

Adding a dash of creativity to your home remodeling efforts helps you to save money and boost the value of your home. Think through your home improvement efforts. Planning intelligently helps you avoid many pitfalls which beset the majority of home owners who are excited to begin their home improvement project.

Add to Your Deck

Boost the value of your home by adding a deck. Since families are spending more time at home versus taking vacations adding to your deck is an appealing improvement for many buyers.

Since costs vary depending on the work being done get specific before making a deck addition. Assess whether or not the add ons you want fit into your budget. Built-in flower pots, multiple stairs and built-in seating are a few improvements which spruce up your deck area.

If you handle the add on through the sweat of your brow the cost of the project drops but your time investment will increase significantly. Unless you’re highly experienced or super handy hire a contractor to handle the work for you.

Add Energy-Efficient Windows to Your Home

Old school, single-pane windows are becoming a thing of the past.  Drafty, non energy-efficient windows are losing in popularity as a greener, savvy generation of homebuyers hits the market.  Homeowners can save hundreds of dollar each year by using environmentally-friendly, efficient windows.

You can recoup over half of your costs on energy savings if you purchase energy efficient windows. If you upgrade to efficient windows you can receive specific tax credits too. Think big picture before you haggle over the costs. Saving money on energy bills and boosting the resale value of your home as buyers become more environmentally conscious is worth the investment.

Rework a Room

Everybody has a room or 2 in their homes which seem to have no discernable use or function. Maybe it’s a storage room brimming with unlimited potential or a nook that can be converted into a cute little reading area. Whatever the case may be you can boost your home’s value by reinventing a room.

Adding square footage to your home is usually an expensive project which doesn’t pan out when you factor in the return on investment. Save money by using your creativity with perhaps a dash of capital to spruce up a dull area of your home.

You can even add a small apartment to your basement or garage to generate rental income each month. Make the reworked room versatile; this gives potential owners some room to operate should you sell the home to someone with a different vision.

A basement can be converted into a game room or second living room quite nicely.  Attics also work well as game rooms or perhaps craft rooms.

However you decide to reinvent a room keep an eye on the future before you get to work. Although customizing a room fully will add your personal touch to the area the next homeowner may not share the same taste when it’s time to sell.