Going Paperless In Your Business

Going green isn’t just good for the environment. In this day and age, it can also be beneficial to those who want to save money, increase efficiency and boost their security which can be in the form of cloud based services that most small businesses often implement. One benefit that companies can enjoy using the cloud is that they can have the capability to go paperless and yet still be more efficient than ever.
The fact still remains that businesses still account for heavy paper usage, and even though there is action being applied with regards to recycling and reducing paper use, businesses must be able to rely more on modern technology to adopt a more greener approach and create a more significant effect. If your company wants to do its share in this initiative, here are some ways on how to go about being successfully pro-environment.

Billing Options

Instead of sending out monthly billings to your clients through mail, why not opt to integrate electronic billing to your website where your clients can receive your notifications through email and access them when they log in to your website. They are also easier to track and cheaper since you save big on postage while providing a lot more value. Include auto reminders to avoid late payments that in turn incur penalties.

Payment Services

If you often receive checks for your services, you can also use a mobile payments provider like Zipmark that offers businesses the capability to collect payments from their clients via secure digital Echecks. Zipmark only collects a minimal fee depending on the scope of your service that you have availed from them. Not only will it give your clients the convenience but it also makes you receive the payment faster and safer.

Fax Messages

You can now throw out your facsimile machine and be able to send and receive fax messages through your cloud based business phone service.  Upgrade your business phone and be able to enjoy receiving your faxes wherever you are through any Internet based devices like your laptop, tablet or smartphones. If you have received a fax message, a notification will be sent on your email so that you can’t miss it and act on it readily with it’s reply function all using the same device.

Scan Old Documents

For better organization, scan all of your old files and store them in virtual servers. Not only will it make your file cabinet less cluttered, it will also enable your staff to access them easily. Online server providers have very strict security measures against malware and  cyberhacking so you are assured  that all of your data are kept safe. They often have limitless storage capabilities enabling you to  keep huge files of company data.

E-signing Documents

What about your contracts and legal documents if you are going papeless? Fortunately, E-signing solutions like Docusign  can let you securely sign electronically and send online from any device. They are considered legal since many trusted establishments like Turner, Air Canada and Xerox are now using it in their business. With this service, you can also save a lot from travel and courier expenses.

Accounting Management System

Online providers can also let you provide softwares that let you be onboard of your whole accounting operation. From Accounts Payable, sharing with your accountant, to synching all of your business bank accounts, these services can help you lessen your paper usage and provide you with the accessibility to get a comprehensive snapshot of your financial health all in one click.