How To Make Your Home A Quiet Sanctuary

For city dwellers, finding a quiet place to call home may seem like a dream never likely to come true. From the sounds of impatient traffic and sirens to the yapping of neighborhood canines, noise seems to be everywhere. Just when you think you might have a moment’s peace, a baby in the neighboring apartment starts to cry, the kid downstairs starts practicing his trumpet or bells ring at the local school signaling the end of afternoon classes and the beginning of noisy commutes home.

Finding Your Oasis in a City

If you are looking for a place to live in New York City, don’t resign yourself to coping with constant clatter. With the help of Murray Hill New York Apartments, you can find ways to ensure your home is an oasis of peace and quiet amid the bustle of city life.
First, consider location. Not every city street is as busy as the next. Homes facing major thoroughfares are much more likely to be bombarded by traffic noise than those set back from the road or located on a side street. Additionally, consider what businesses and institutions are located in a neighborhood where you consider moving. Police stations, fire houses and all-night dinners will never be quiet neighbors. If you are home during the day, remember that having a school next door is certain to subject you to noisy chatter and traffic clatter for at least three hours a day when school is in session.
Additionally, when looking for a place to live in the city, you should consider the interior of the home. Lots of glass, porcelain, brushed metal or other hard surfaces will exaggerate the noise of life in the home. If the home is one of multiple apartments in a single building, consider the position of the home within the building. Apartments near the elevator will be subjected to the noise of coming and going. Apartments on ground floors may also be subjected to more noise than those higher up. If the hallways are uncarpeted, residents may be treated to excessive noise from traffic walking past.

Shopping Tips

When shopping for a home in the city, be sure to visit the location at various times of the day. Check with current residents or neighbors to find out when trash pickup takes place on the block.

Interior Decorating & Dampening Noise

Also consider what can be done with interior decorating to dampen loud noises. Fabrics are particularly good at absorbing noise. Generous fabric window hangings will provide insulation from outside noises as well as dampening the sound from inside your home. Fabric-covered furniture will also absorb sound as will carpets and area rugs. For even more protection from noise, select fabric or other soft, textured products to use as wall hangings.
Living in the city doesn’t have to mean sacrificing peace and quiet. With some careful attention to detail, you can make your home a quiet oasis where you can relax and unwind at the end of a stressful day.
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