5 Awesome Places To Look For FREE Home Decor Tips

You don’t have to subscribe to expensive magazines to get great decorating ideas. There are a number of wonderful sources for free ideas. Whether you visit your local home improvement store or go online, you can find some pretty amazing ideas. The following are just five awesome places to look for free home décor tips.
Home Improvement Stores
Home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot are great places to find décor ideas. Walk through the kitchen cabinets for current trends in kitchen design. Walk through the lighting for ideas on which metal accents are in style as well as which patterns by looking at the lamp shades. Of course, the paint department can’t be overlooked. There are usually areas outlined as being the current hot color trends.
Home Decor Stores
Stores like Pier 1 and Bed, Bath and Beyond are great places to search for free home décor tips. Sales personnel in stores like Pier 1 are even happy to offer free advice. Think of this as a free one-on-one design consultation that doesn’t cost a dime. Even if you don’t want to ask for tips, the stores are laid out with the latest trends for each room of your home.
HGTV features some of the best home design shows and their website offers all the plans and information for free. For example, if you like a room design that appears on the show, visit the website and look up that show. It helps to have the episode name or number so that you can pinpoint which episode the design appeared in. The website also offers oodles of free design tips that don’t appear on the channel.
Magazine Websites
Love Better Homes and Gardens? What about the tips in Country Living? Instead of investing in the magazine, why not visit the website? You won’t get every detail that is packed into the magazines, but you will find tons of free décor tips. Whether you’re making over the kitchen or living room, websites like these are loaded with great advice.
Last, but not least, those free catalogs you get in the mail are loaded with great design ideas. Instead of focusing on the products being sold, focus on the design of the rooms. For example, the catalog may be selling electronics, but you can still get great ideas for living room design.
You don’t have to invest a dime to find great design ideas. Whether you’re out shopping or browsing through the latest catalog, you can find a number of free décor ideas.
About the Author: Clemencia Raxter loves to decorate and is always working within a tight budget. She searches high and low for ideas and recently went to gowfb.com to fill in the gaps with affordable furniture for her daughter’s bedroom.